Rey Wants a New Piece

Timeline: March 11, 2009

Rey paused outside Michael’s shop.  It had been a while since she’d talked to him, and she was wondering what he was up to.  Perhaps today was a good day to combine business and pleasure.

She walked up onto the step and pulled the door open to go inside.

Michael looked up from the gun magazine he was reading when he heard the door open. Upon seeing that it was Rey, he put done the magazine and stepped up to the counter.

With a friendly smile, he said, “Rey what can I do for you today?” Continue reading “Rey Wants a New Piece”

Michael’s Project

Timeline: February 4, 2009

It was two days since the others left for Mythic City, Michael was in his shop late at night working on orders for customers. It was close to closing time, and while he was in the back room, Michael heard his front door open then close.

Stepping out of the back room, wiping his hands on a rag, Michael saw Ironclaw stepping toward his counter.

“Ironclaw,” Michael said with a little surprise, “what can I do for you? I hope that modification I did for you worked out.”

“She handled the weapon just fine,” Ironclaw stated. “Thanks.” But his businesslike expression brook no further small talk. “I understand you are dallying with the domain of the dead.”

“That’s one thing I like about you, straight the the point,” Michael said with a calm friendly smile.  “But I wouldn’t say that I dally, it is one of the major aspects of what I can do as a Mage.  Continue reading “Michael’s Project”

On the Doorstep of a Friend

A few days after Ramiel gets back to Eldon Well, he will hear an acoustic guitar playing out on his front porch.

Upon hearing the music, Ramiel walked out on to the porch wearing nothing but a pair of faded jeans and see who is playing.

As he steps out the door, he sees the familar long blond hair pulled back in a pony tail of Sholto. Even hearing the door open, Sholto continues to keep playing.

“Do you know ‘Wayward Son’?” Ramiel asked as he leaned against the railing.
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Rey, March 10, 2009

Work, work, work. That’s all I seem to do these days. I wish I could just sit back, kick up my feet and relax, but I can’t. Not if I’m going to succeed. I’ll be putting Rose in charge while I’m out of town; she’ll act as Lupa when I’m not around. She’s done the job before. She must have done a decent job, otherwise Niki would have challenged her for the position.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Lyla’s contacts, entrenching myself with the, reminding them that I speak for Lyla in all things. One guy wasn’t too keen on that. He got a bit mouthy, and made some rather crude comments. He even went so far as to lie and say that he always got a blow job, or more, from Lyla. I think that when I shoved my gun into his crotch and asked if he wanted me to shoot to the let or the right, he realized he shouldn’t mess with me. I reminded them Lyla doesn’t fuck the help, and neither do I. Well, not in those exact words, of course. I may have made an enemy there, but they also should know now that they can’t expect to be able to push me around.

The meeting with the middle man went well, I believe. As expected, I have to prove myself. I’ll be given some “small” stuff to move and dispose of. When I’ve shown I have what it takes, I’ll be able to take on more, and eventually be able to pick and choose rather than take whatever comes my way.

I don’t think I want to deal with stereos, computers and other electronics. There’s a lot of people already doing that. I should specialize, or eventually move out of that line and into other stuff. Perhaps artwork and other valuables. Smaller market of buyers, but with potential for far more money.

Speaking of money, it’s a good thing I’ve got money saved up. Things are going to be a bit tight. I’m not sure how much of a loss I’m going to end up taking on my first couple of deals. I can’t afford to lose a lot, but at the same time, I’m an unknown quantity. Until I establish myself, get a good reputation and status in the community, I’m just going to have to suck it up.

I wish Grey was around. I’m hungry, and for more than just his cooking.

Rey, March 4, 2009

My birthday passed the way it almost always does – without fanfare, or friends, or presents. Not so much as a phone call from Lyla or Ramiel. Of course, if they called the cabin, they’d have gotten the voice mail. I checked, but if anyone called, they didn’t leave any messages. They’re probably busy, doing whatever it is they have to do in Mythic City.

Grey didn’t do anything either, but I don’t expect it. He’s not used to needing to remember this kind of thing, let alone other holidays normal people celebrate. That’s okay. When he’s with me, he more than makes up for it. The last time, we went for a run in the woods. I lasted longer than before, able to run through the woods longer before he decided to catch me. He was really excited, and when his eyes bleed to wolf, it sets me on fire. The first time was hard and fast, like we were rutting beasts. He took me from behind with such force I had to brace myself against the fallen tree to keep from being pushed head first into the ground.

When we were done, he gathered up my torn up clothes and carried me back to the cabin. We got cleaned up in the shower together, and ended up doing it again. It started in the bathroom and finished in the bed. This time it was slow and meticulous. I deep throated him, bringing him explosively twice, grunting my name, his hands tangled in my hair or gripping the bedsheets with white knuckles. By the time he was finished with me, I could barely talk. He cleaned me up so gently and tucked me into bed with such a gentle, loving kiss.

But enough about that. On the 3rd, I treated myself to a really nice dinner, then visited the girls to pick up the money and check on how things were going. I got a name from them of a local middle man, someone who can set me up with people looking to move goods. I’ll be meeting with him tomorrow.

I’m going to need to find somewhere to sell the stuff. It can’t really be in Boston, so I need to find a base somewhere. Baltimore? Maybe not. New Orleans? It’s still a mess there, but it might be a good place to start. But can I just go there and start dealing? I may have to find an entry there. Get involved with the mob there? Problem is, if I do that, they’ll get their hooks into me and then I’m screwed. I need to see if I can find a way to stay away from them if at all possible.


Our plan worked, sort of.  I’m completely out of it and exhausted, so let me sum up.  We caught a changeling named Marguerette.  She is an elemental of some kind working for what I believe to be a true fae named Chak.  She and her team it seems gather potential slaves for the True Fae, but we haven’t gotten the details yet.  This team tried to kidnap Sholto while we were all undercover in a northside bar.  I didn’t get to see or participate in much of the fight, but when I arrived the others had fled and Sholto and some other victim were in bags and Margurette was about to be caught.  Chaska had attacked and bit her and found out her elemental form is Silver.  Man, that sucks for Chaska.   John brought her to the car and she dived into the hedge.  After some effort Ramiel pulled her and John out (hence why I’m exhausted, opening a way to the Hedge, that and healing Chanka.  In any case we brought our prisoner to the court.

Rey, February 20, 2009

I can’t find my cat anywhere. He’s gone. I sure do miss him. Hopefully, he’s just lost, or someone found him and took him in. If he’s not back tomorrow, I’m going to put up signs around town. If I’m lucky, I’ll get him back.

I think this whole creative writing this might just be a waste of my time. I’ll finish the courses I’m enrolled in, but I don’t know if I’m going to continue them. I won’t slack off on them either, because I certainly don’t want to disappoint Grey and Ironclaw. Besides, I paid for the courses – I don’t want to waste the money.

Speaking of money, I’ve been thinking a lot about that. I want more money than I’m getting now. I’m not going to get what I want by getting whatever Lyla’s willing to give with me. I’m positive she’s got stuff going on on the side that she hasn’t told me or anyone else about. There’s no reason why I can’t do the same. But what to do?

Drugs are right out. Lyla may have made some money by transporting and selling, and using it to pay off people to leave her girls alone, but I don’t want to deal with that. I think it’s too dangerous, and drug dealers are scum.

Transportation of goods. Lyla’s already got her fingers in there. Not an area I want to get into. But she does have something of a reputation for it. Maybe I can use that to my advantage. One of the biggest users of Lyla’s services are thieves – they can’t sell their stuff in the city they stole it from, or anywhere nearby. They need it taken to the next state, across the country, or maybe even out of the country.

I think this has potential. It’s going to take time and a lot of work to get things going. I don’t know if Lyla has anyone in her organization already who I can use. It might be best if I form my own network. Keep Lyla out of it as long as I can. Build up my own name and standing, until I’m a power to reckon with completely on my own. Who knows.

But where to start? That’s the question of the moment. Start small, of course. I’ve got no history with anyone other than the prostitutes, and that’s not in the field I want to expand into. But they might know someone that could help me get my foot in the door. If they blab, well, I deal with it.

Limericks #1

Variation #1

There once was a young witch named Rey
who was stolen away by the Fae.
In his garden she was,
a home to his doves,
which she ate when she ran away.

Variation #2

There once was a young witch named Rey
who was stolen away by the Fae.
She learned to grow claws
and run on quick paws
and slipped from the hedgerow away.

Rey, February 18, 2009

It was a really long day at work today. So many little things going wrong. Like I was all thumbs. Replacing those broken glasses isn’t an expense the bar can afford right now. Eldon Well is too small of a town to really support a bar like this, not when we’ve got so many people working here. The choices that face me are either cut back my own hours, cut back on the hours of everyone else, or find some other source of income for infusions like what Lyla did.

I can’t cut back on my own hours, not if I want to keep paying my mortgage. I could cut back on everyone else’s, but that won’t go over too well. So the other option is to find other income. Lyla made me her partner. I could really take advantage of that. There’s all kinds of money to be had, if I do things right. I know Lyla’s rolling in it, but I don’t know where any of it is.

Stealing from her would be bad. As in cement shoes bad. If I want more money, I’ll have to get it on my own. But where to start? Could I use the girls for blackmail material? How about drugs? Probably too risky. I’d probably run into more trouble than its worth in conflict with the mafia. What else? Things that would get me money, but wouldn’t require a lot of effort or direct risk to myself. I’m going to have to think about this. But quickly. I need to come up with an answer soon.

I wonder what my cat is. He’s always hanging around somewhere, underfoot. But not in a bad way. He’s fun to watch playing, and I love to scratch his belly while I’m reading a book.

And speaking of belly scratches, I wish Grey could stop by tonight. I dreamed last night he was here. I’d made a light dinner, and then we had sex all night long. Well, not literally all night, of course. It was amazing. It was like the first time all over again, but without the pain and other bad stuff. I woke up and my boxers were soaked. Talk about a wet dream! I was still so turned on I had to use a vibrator to deal with it. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of him. Just thinking about the feel of him inside is making so damn horny. I hope he comes straight here when he gets back. I certainly wouldn’t mind a an opportunity to play out another fantasy.

Stepping Out 2

Timeline: February 16, 2009

Ann-Marie took some time away from her cult, her studies and her art to go and meet up with some of the others who lived in Eldon Well. Of particular interest on this day was Rose. She had fought by her side and knew of her, but so far they hadn’t gotten to know one another. She decided that could change if she tried.

She knew that Rose spent a lot of time working at the Blood and Brew, so she thought she’d start there. She went in one day when she knew Rose was working, a slow day in particular and sat up at the bar far to one side, sketchbook in hand. This was a bit unusual as she usually took a private booth.
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