Fina’s Notes: The Dungeon and Pirates

In Fina’s words

So we went back up the stairs and Cathal kept looking at the mud wall, saying something moved in there. Well, I says, use a pointy thing and poke it. So he shot an arrow into it, but, yeah. Nothing.

After some investigation of the magically sealed, steel door, we discovered that the mud wall was not mud at all. So we decided to research a bit and return. We do still have to deal with pirates after all…
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Fina’s Notes: The Pirate and the Dwarf

Fina’s own words

So I’ve never met a pirate before. Imagine! A human captain of a vessel manned by hobgoblins! This Captain Harless must be very brave and quite ruthless, too. I’m sure he sees our little town far from Avonia as a good place to resupply and offload some of his possibly ill-gotten goods.

Knowing he must have robbed others to amass his wealth, I believe the Mayor and Sheriff will be very resistant to the idea of trading with Captain Harless. I just hope they understand the alternative will likely lead to a fight. We have no idea the full strength of numbers this pirate might command, but surely any number is bad news for a village that has but one Sheriff and a couple of deputies to defend it. While there is the legion outpost, they are few and not well positioned to protect the town from an attack from the sea.
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Shopping Trip

Leaving Home Humphrey, manservant and butler for Blackwell Manor hoisted Lady Amara Blackwell’s large truck onto the roof of the black carriage. Fina thought he was a surprising man. Humphrey was middle-aged and a little skinny, but he seemed much stronger than he looked. Lady Blackwell’s trunk was nearly as large as he and surely was heavy, but Humphrey made lifting it seem easy.

In contrast, Fina had just one small pack containing just about everything she owned. There were spare clothes including several tunics for everyday wear and stolas. She’d often simply borrowed items from the Manor’s well-supplied wardrobes to suit tastes for clients. Those things were suitable behind bedroom doors of course, but not for the role that Lady Blackwell envisioned for her new partner, so she left them behind. She’d also brought some personal basics including her favorite hair brush, some bone hair sticks and a generous supply of Dame’s Delight. Fina had made it a habit to take a sip of this contraceptive potion every day. Better safe than sorry, she had long ago decided.
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Fina walked gracefully up the stairs to her room to finish getting ready for her evening. She had just left the baths and smelled of lavender and rose. She’d spent an hour combing her hair and putting it up in an artful swirl at the back of her head, while leaving a few careful strands across her shoulders. She wore traditional white lunar elf robes that held painted images of trees near water populated with lilies. Tonight was a special night for her — she had her first customer of the Spring Celebration.

This holiday wasn’t just popular locally. It also drew patrons for many miles around to take part in the festivities of the town. Partaking meant business for Blackwell’s ladies, as well. Lady Blackwell had informed Fina that her patron tonight was a handsome Avonian who was older but not yet middle aged. Fina knew it was always noblemen that afforded the luxury of traveling so far to be with them and that meant rich, refined; a gentleman. She was always excited to meet gentlemen.
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