Well, I’m Fired. Welcome to the Family?

Your Highnesses, the King and Queen of Galadron,

In this letter I speak as your future daughter in law.

My mother, Mistress Remiriel, Regent of House Torduis has declared I will no longer represent House interests in the Kingdom of Galadron, citing a conflict of interest on my part beginning with my marriage and joining your house next month. She has instead named another daughter who is her direct heir, my sister Micareari, to be my successor. Mica has traveled with me as bodyguard and confidant and observed my tactics and methods for the better part of a year now. Although I expect she will do things differently than I, I think you will be satisfied that she will place the priority of the treaty and Trade Agreement between my mother’s and your realm as highly as I did. She is a priestess of the war college, very wise and highly capable. She has been given full control of my former embassy in Galadron. Continue reading “Well, I’m Fired. Welcome to the Family?”

Wait, You Did What Now?

Your Highness the King of Galadron, Great Lord of the Surface Elves, Architect of the New Alliance of the Border Kingdoms and Future Father-in-Law,

I gives me both great pleasure and a little sadness to present you with this report, being the first of its kind and my final act as Ambassador of House Torduis to the Kingdom of Galadron. Continue reading “Wait, You Did What Now?”

A Moment with the Prince

After Raena finished an early evening workout with the two Nyss, she cooled down and washed up with a wet towel. Working out with them was the perfect challenge in her mind; either one of them was more skilled than she was, but she was usually twice as fast as either of them alone. Their combined skills often had her on the defensive and she had to work hard to land a “touch” — something they all did so as not to cause injury at a time they had to be in top form. Since she was at the greatest disadvantage, her philosophy was that she would have the most to learn. Continue reading “A Moment with the Prince”

Shopping – Kal and Mina

Mina had Kal by the arm and was guiding him through the central bazaar with a surprising expertise for a foreigner. She navigated through various merchants selling their wares out of stalls amid crowds of curious potential buyers, but never stopped at one.

To Kal’s questioning look, she held up a hand. “Any bolts of cloth sold on the street here are already going to be dusty or worse. The good stuff is always sold out of tailors’ shops. They’ll cost more, but the quality will be higher, it will feel better, and it will be clean. Also, we get the convenience of having the cloth right there when you pick out whatever style you decide to go with.” Continue reading “Shopping – Kal and Mina”

The Marches

Below is a generalized map of the holdings of the Marcher Lords. Paths are shown, and color indicates woods or non-wooded routes and holdings. North is up, so you can see to the north and east is where Twilight would lie.

Each holding has the possibility of gaining aid from at least three other holdings should an attack occur. Paths that allow such assistance to arrive in a reasonably short time are marked. The Marches are the first line of defense against the forces of Twilight and all the people of the Khelekeska state depend on their ability to deter attack. Continue reading “The Marches”

Notes by Raena’malarra

In her words…

Alfred produced some new designs to modify our new armor to give a green tint because they were all quite distinctive and ornate.

There was a set of fans, made for martial use, that I swiped!

After selling and dividing the loot, I went and purchased some nice, stout chests for members of the adventuring company and met them at a tavern. We had fun, drinks, drugs, truth and dare, all with the king and his enforcer-slash-executioner. Wow! Good times. And I got to show Eidelwyn my fungeon later. Continue reading “Notes by Raena’malarra”