Evening approached in the hamlet of Rowyn Port and the small village’s heroes found a comforting rest from their adventures in the west. Comforting, that is, for all save one.

Resting in her bed, Inylene’e found it easy for the dream world to take her. She was tired but comfortable in her new home, so it didn’t take long for the dreams to appear. As sleep took her, to Inylene’s surprise, she was visited by a friend she hadn’t seen in years. Still wearing the battle-worn armor of Avonian legionnaires, Inylene’e watched as Val moved toward her. Continue reading “Lessons”

Inylene’s First Patient

Inylene’e was engrossed in organizing her meager supplies and jotting down herbs she’d need from Elraien. Really she had barely more than bandages and a few easily-collected basics she’d picked up herself. The list was rather long, but once she was stocked, she’d probably be able to make them last a long time.

“Excuse me. Is the healer in?” Continue reading “Inylene’s First Patient”

Faces of Rowyn Port


  • Tanya, avonian owner of the Trout and Stout Inn as well as the Stay and Stable.
  • (two gnome waitresses)
  • Duna, dwarf owner of Traveller’s General Store.
  • Xander Whitmaker, blacksmith.
  • ?? Abbner, avonian owner of Abbner Ranch.
  • ??, Halfmoon Ranch.
  • Kirk, the handyman.
  • Yondah, dwarf refugee.
  • The Tinkers: Trick, goblin (retired) tinker, father. Ekaterina “Trin”, forest elf wife of Trick, mother. Children include Zill (m. goblin, 9 years old), Ylba (f. forest elf, 7), and Xern (m. goblin, 6).


  • Inylene’e, owner of Inylene’s House of Healing
  • Elraien, owner of the Herb Shop
  • Algaliarept, owner of “Al’s” Leather Crafts Shop
  • Ryl’zaer Eils Und, night elf drifter

Flight from Blackwater Village

Tanya watched the last of her customers leave for the evening as she polished her bar top. The only customer left was still sitting in the same chair she’d found six hours ago. In that time, she’d never put her hood down and stayed huddled over her drink, but Tanya knew who she was all the same. It troubled her greatly to see the traveler like this. It didn’t sit right. She and everyone else in the town that knew the traveler from years ago, but out of respect they let her be. It was obvious she didn’t want attention. Continue reading “Flight from Blackwater Village”