Minor Addition to Retired Campaigns Menu

Just a note that I added a link to the Hero City blog created many moons ago to support a superhero campaign. We do go back to this old setting to play new adventures. The site records just the original campaign.

You can go directly to Hero City now by going to Retired Campaigns and clicking the last selection in the menu.

TikiWiki Dead on DEvermore dot Com

Well, that didn’t work out well. After spending a lot of time and effort bringing the old data from tiki.devermore.net and upgrading it to the current release, something went horribly wrong and I can tell what it was. The problem seems only to crop up when logging in for the first time, so I suspect it was some setting that I fiddled with. However, with the site non-functional, I can’t get in to fix it.

So, tiki.devermore.com redirects to the old Tiki site. I’m in the process of finding another Wiki solution for people to use. It may be we just stick with this blog, but I have some friends who want to do some RPG setting and game group design and a wiki seemed like a better solution.

New Supplement for Fate Core

Called Shadowgate Essentials, I have posted PDF and ePub versions of my take on a modern fantasy setting. Included are rules for playing vampires, therianthropes (shape shifters), spellslingers, and fae. This is a first draft and not play-tested, but a serious attempt was made to be sure the various supernaturals were balanced against one another.