At the Farm: Rivanon

Rivanon, erstwhile known as River sat down next to Elemix before the old farmer’s fire. Wrapping a fur around her she said, ‘why so glum my friend?”

Elemix looked at her and smiled as she sat down. “I am glad to hear you refer to me as such,” he replied. “I hope over these past many months you have come to know me. And to say that I am very happy no harm has come to you is some what of an understatement.” Continue reading “At the Farm: Rivanon”

A Voice from the Past

Elemix was dreaming. It was a pleasant dream. He was showing off his new tower, complete with newly buily outbuildings and the like to Baroness Rivanon and Magus Gillian – both of which were his close friends and on a first name basis. It was a good dream as each were completing with offers of power to have the right to be his wife. Others still were outside with gifts and offers. He was looking forward to Magus Oceané Calvet’s, who was next at the door. Sitting on the stairs and looking down at the two beauties, he was having a tough time choosing. “Beauty and magical power, versus beauty and temporal power? It is a hard decision to make,” a silky smooth masculine voice said in Eterian from behind him and slightly up the spiral staircase. Continue reading “A Voice from the Past”

The Derrien Conclave of 447 (Part 5 – Conclusion)

Magus Elemix approached Magus Skona when an opportunity presented itself. “Magus Skona, would you be free to chat for a few minutes?”

“A few,” the gruff dwarf said. “What do you need?”

“Magus Titus recommended I speak to you about the possibility of transcribing a spell. I was hoping you might have the spell known as disguise self? It should hopefully help to mask my appearance and make it somewhat more difficult for people to track me on my upcoming expedition.” Continue reading “The Derrien Conclave of 447 (Part 5 – Conclusion)”

The Derrien Conclave of 447 (Part 4)

Alix responded, “We do not know for certain they are tracking you, the Aquila, or something else Magus. Whatever they are doing it is not terribly accurate as they must still search for you. Let us pivot then to the magic item you carry. Can you present it and give us a summary of its known history?”

Elemix did as requested. Stating first that he had for the most part kept it covered and hidden on his person virtually since discovering it, save for some time in Thalasa, while it was being researched and stored in the vault. Continue reading “The Derrien Conclave of 447 (Part 4)”

The Derrien Conclave of 447 (Part 3)

When the time came after dinner, Magus Lothiel approached Elemix. She was exquisitely beautiful but in a alien, almost unsettling way. Elemix had met few elves and she was the closest so far to the stories – a woodland being walking the line between the Otherworld and this one. She asked, “Magus Elemix I have heard all the stories and believe I know what to do; however, do you have anything to add or can you in addition smooth the path for my meeting the Baron of Uzec himself?” Continue reading “The Derrien Conclave of 447 (Part 3)”

The Derrien Conclave of 447 (Part 2)

With that dinner was called and Elemix ended up sitting near Vorn and Xavier, who carried on conversations. Vorn explained his plan to journey south. He and some old friends (as well as new ones) planned an adventure into the Southern Taurian Wilderness searching for some ancient Silurian outpost. Xavier’s winter was focused on early research on creating a mechanica, a steam-powered golum supposedly created by ancient gnomes. Neither had any problem with Elemix’s mission or goals, at least over dinner. Continue reading “The Derrien Conclave of 447 (Part 2)”

The Derrien Conclave of 447 (Part 1)

A cold October rain fell hard on Derrienport. The trip had been miserable, but finally he was almost there. While he was certain he was being watched, Elemix had not been attacked. Travelling with the Baron’s patrols and attaching himself to larger caravans had helped that he thought, but with fall ending and winter approaching, caravans would be few and far between. Continue reading “The Derrien Conclave of 447 (Part 1)”

The Wizards Tower

Two days after meeting with the Baron (See “Elemix Meets with the Baron Thread”), at the appointed time, Elemix met Master Stonesplitter. A tough old dwarf, he greeted Elemix at the city stables where they met. Elemix had the keys the Marshall gave him.

“You are the Magus, Elemix Dungaroon?” said the dwarf with a cheerful baritone voice. Continue reading “The Wizards Tower”

Letter to the group from Elemix

To: Lady Rivanon De Uzec, Witch Emmiline De Cerecy, & Sister Tifane of the Order of the Just.

I have been called to a Wizards Conclave in Derrian. It will likely take the better part of a week. As such, I do not wish to hold up your travels. Please proceed on to Portreaux and I shall meet you there at the Contessa estate as soon as I am able. I estimate travel there should take roughly 3 weeks so please look for my arrival in roughly 1 month. Continue reading “Letter to the group from Elemix”

Elemix Meets with the Baron

Upon arrival at Uzec Elemix requested an audience with the Baron. It wasn’t anything urgent, but it was something he felt he should discuss prior to departing on his upcoming mission.

A few days later, the Baron returned. Summoning Elemix, he said, “magus, the road was hard and long, with several encounters with goblin vermin. Soon I may have to depart, so this time is as good as any. What can I help you with?” Continue reading “Elemix Meets with the Baron”