A Rainy Day…

Rain drenched the ground making it a soggy mess. Her feet slipped with every step threatening to make her fall but there was not time to think about it, she had to keep running.

Her arms pushed away branches and leaves in rapid succession as she pushed her way through the forest. Instinct had taken over long ago telling her body not to stop, it hurtled her forward past her limits, keep going, don’t look back, just keep going. Continue reading “A Rainy Day…”

The Trouble with Twins

The Juniper lumbered through space as it had for generations, carrying us along with it.Our family has been sailing through space trading things, exchanging things, some old, some even older and a lot of it really odd.

That’s us there, if you look closely you can see us running through the boxes piled in the cargo hold of ol Juney. Our parents are both archeologists and are semi normal,as far as ‘rents go. Sis and I have to entertain ourselves most of the time, this day imparticular I chose to entertain myself by putting itching powder in her undies, all of them. Continue reading “The Trouble with Twins”

London Report

A report about the trip to London. The short version is we went and managed to come back in one piece. Though barely. Oh yeah and we accomplished the mission.

In the following i have left out some details, either they are personal or they piss me off to much and there is not enough paper to write on. So to keep it orderly I have broken the trip down into encounters.

First encounter. The Train

We had not even made it to London; in fact we had not made it to the mid point. Werewolves attacked the train. Why we don’t know. The end result of this encounter was we lost Moira as the cars on the train were separated and we made it to a hotel on foot.

There was an investigation about the incident and we left Trina to deal with it and catch up. She did and we moved on and met up with Moira again. We made our greetings

in Nottingham but chose to continue our journey. They were less than happy to have us there.

We arrived in London and I endured a few insults. We prepared for court and went to present ourselves. It was cancelled and we had a few nights free. Though we were presented a gift from the Lady of London. Sarah Kennedy a ghoul to serve as our guide to the city and court. She was presented to all of us.

It was Sarah who informed me that there was danger in the city for Moira or myself. She did not know which, but an attack was planned. I informed Moira, and she took note of it. But decided that she wanted to go out. So we all went out.

Second encounter.

We had gone to some bar and met with Charlie, a descendant of the Lady of London and kin to Shawn. The attack happened here. We noticed a group of men who had targeted Moira, and they had a blade. I sent Sarah for the car and tried to lead Moira away. They followed. Shawn ended up dealing with one of them. I ended up fighting another. I was stabbed with a poison filled blade. I recognized it as viper poison. I t nearly killed me. Most likely Moira would not have survived it.

This event ended with me in a bad mood, one I had nearly been killed and had viper poison in me. Two we should have never left in the first place knowing the danger was out there.

Encounter Three

We took the one who stabbed me, and interrogated him. However Shawn chose this point to anger me, and continue to openly mock and insult me. Shawn had a choice to make in this instance, to leave me be and let my anger fade, as he knows me well enough to know my moods. Or to push me and show no respect for me. He chose the latter.

I got the information we needed from the man it did not take much. They were hunters, a group of hunters given information about kindred and they wanted to make a kill.

Fourth encounter.

Moira sent us after the hunters. She knew that the address we were given was the home of a group of hunters and she ordered us to go after them. She wanted to know how they got the info on her. She was also acting as thought the power of ambassador had gone to her head. She was treating me as a lesser outside of court.

Both she and Shawn had shown lack of respect for me. They were treating me as someone other than a Coterie member, something less than friend. I made note of this.

In this encounter I was staked and Shawn came very close. But we made it out and with the hunter. Again I retrieved information from him. They had received their info from a churchman. Moira seemed to be trying to figure out how to go after him too. I talked to her and told her that would not be wise. That she was asking us to do things we would never do in Belfast. I told her she was doing things in London that Eife would not approve of. Again she took it into consideration.

It ended with us turning the hunter over to the sheriff and not going after the churchman.

We had a night or so here to ourselves and I took care of some business of my own. I wanted nothing to do with Shawn, and Moira was gaining ground in that area.

The last part of the mission was the Underground. This took place after we met with the Lady of London formally. After Vlad showed up at the house we were staying and after Shawn spent so much time with the Herald of London.

I met with the Lady in private. The next night I left with Dante to go to the underground. That was my plan. I did not want Moira to go because the safest place for her was at the house, and she needed Shawn to protect her. Plus she was having some personal difficulties that I had helped her with.

But when Dante showed up Shawn decided he was going. I told him if Moira was staying then so was he, and he ignored me.

Truthfully I could write a long time about this, but I am going to sum it up. We all went, even Sarah. A lot of things happened there. I met with some contacts, made some new ones hopefully and in the end we ended up surviving and accomplishing what I went down there for.

Though we ended up picking up a stray wolf, that Moira allowed to stay and then sent the ghoul to a hotel with. I warned her against this. Telling her that Sarah did not want to come to Belfast and was pretty uppity for a ghoul. So she was liable to do anything to keep from going to Belfast. She did, you know.

My efforts in the underground helped cement the Lady’s choice to back us. She did discuss this with me before I agreed to go down. I informed Moira of this to as princess kept bitching. I apologize for that.

Dante was the bright side of the trip. I got to know him very well and I like him. He is going to come and we are going to play jazz sometime.

A lot happened in London. I am not the same as before I left. I have lost faith in two of my coterie members as they have treated me as such. I am greatly disappointed in them both. Moira surprised me, and you may be proud of her, good for you then. She deliberately treated me with disrespect, as did Shawn. He tried to turn me against Kian, to manipulate my feelings and me. You do not do this to friends or to Coterie members.

I am sure they will say things about me as well. I lost my temper a couple of times, but caused no harm or damage. I went out of my way to serve as protector to Moira in more than one way. I nearly died twice for her. I had meetings of my own, and was gone overnight without telling them where I was or what I was doing. It is personal. My concern with Shawn spending time with the Herald is this. We were warned she is dangerous, and I have suspicions it was for more than greeting family. This is based on his attempts to manipulate and use me.

The mission was successful. I learned a great deal. Made a good friend in Dante. I am glad it is over.



Kian and I have worked things out between us, it was something I was not certain would happen.

But I am willing to learn the freedom of choice between true feelings for someone, and lust.

Eife had a confrontation with me, and she says it was a test, and that I passed. I do not know if I believe her, she seems to be on my side as it is best for her.

More on those things later, i must attend to some preperations.

Round we go.

I have been named Master of Elysium, and now I have to keep the title. Eife informed me that I was not her choice for the job, I finished her sentence for her on that one. I knew that Moira was her choice, in fact she was mine as well, though she does not wish it, I knew that as well. Though it was my choice to proceed with pursuing the position, it was not my intention to obtain it. I simply did not want any of the other Kindred who decided to sit around doing nothing about he brood situation to have it. Though I cannot discard them, as they are powerful, they are not deserving of anything, not that I will ever say that out loud, it is not how we play the game is it.

So now I am in a position of power, a great deal of power that many will covet and try to take from me. I wanted a place and now that I have one I will keep it, at least until I make someone better to hold it. Really you need money and knowledge that any child of this time has. I have only faint ideas of how this time works; I have slept for a thousand years after all. I am still trying to figure out modern things, like electricity, fascinating.

I am not ignorant to my own weaknesses, and neither is the rest of the city. They know Kian is my biggest weakness, as is my wrath. They also know that nothing triggers my wrath like Kian. Now do I care about this, no, should I, yes. Bleck the whole social thing leaves a foul taste in my mouth, like dog.

The cotorie needs to be in power, and we have been successful in this, we now hold most of the positions of power, however Eife did give Primogen positions as a compromise to some others, less deserving. Veronica and Tara have been placed on the council and Elroy is some sort of ghost position. I think he may be involved in something else, and that is why he turned it down. I can not see why he would turn it down otherwise, he craves leverage over others. Veronica I want to trust because Kian does, however our recent conversation has left me less than enthusiastic about her.

Another that leaves me with a great deal of frustration is Elroy. He says we were playing a game, but now that I am in a position of power the game is over, but he still acts the same. He is an arrogant, pompous, irritating ,ugh, I loath him. He is constantly insulting me and turning my words into things they are not. I would rather not work with him and maybe I do not have to very often, after all he basically told me to stay clear of the other Nosferatu. He said that he had hoped I would leave all this foolishness, and work for him. All he wants is power over me, and I will not give it.

Veronica is another fable all together, she is a friend of Kians, and probably he has bedded her, like most everything. I hate that I love him. I wanted to be friends with her, but she stepped poorly with me, she was very demanding of me.Stating that I owed her my position, that I am only Master because she stepped aside. If she really wanted to be the MAster of Elysium then nothing would have kept her form it She stepped aside for her, not me, and I owe her nothing. Not even my friendship. I seem to have a nack for working with people that I detest, hmm good thing I like the coterie. They did pull me out of my darkness, where I was at least at home.

Now I seem to owe them, because they saved me, I have done a lot for them actually, I became something I did not want to be, and in return I have been given little, very little.

Though I must say I do have a home, and friends, that is all some need. But I have had more pain than I care to have, more hassle than I want. I am a patient one though, I can wait and see what happens. So I will wait, and watch, and play my part in the dance.


I was born, I grew, I learned and I changed. Now I find myself chasing a nightmare, one that never ends. I travel with the most beautiful woman I have ever known, she is everything I have ever wanted, and the one thing I won’t risk loosing. She is my friend, family, partner in everything, except the one thing I would love to share most with her.

I never bothered writing these things down before, figured the only purpose it would serve was entertainment for Lyla, maybe it will yet. Hope you enjoy this Lyla, maybe once you have read this you will understand all the things that I have never been able to tell you for the fear of how you would react to it. How would you feel about me if you knew how I lust after you more than anyone. Enough about that, the real reason I have changed my perception of journaling is I want someone to know what has happened should anything happen to me. I want others to know what evils are in this world, and what they are doing.

Not everything is black an white, there is a lot of grey in the world, and not evil is noticeable. The worst of which are those who think they are doing to wrong.

Any way here is where I will write my thoughts, and for those who would read this you have been warned.

Court Again

Court was held and it went over very successful. Eife approached me some time before court, and she asked my approval for a few things. She said that it was important that her beliefs are the prime ones. She went on about more things, and in the end she said that I am the only true rival or threat in the town. So she is doing what she can to keep me on her side.

I talked with Hal, a delight. Veronica, lucky I had to behaive. Chris, scary I think hse will go Single Pasty Vampire on me. And Elroy, dear dear john. Who I wish I could get rid of, he really pisses me off!!!

We schmoozed and danced and did all the appropriate things I was a good little fang face. So now the rat race begins.


I have finally recived my bracer, and a story to go with it. I have been hearing voices since it was returned to me, and I feel it is my grandsire, I learned that they unearthed a grave with the same markign s as the bracer.

O’Shea has given me a ring to wear with the bracer, since it is possible that I can be tracked through it. The information that he gave me, the news articles, are about my grandsire Roxxana. I think. It is also possible that Seven, that group is after me because of my link to her, and not because they think I m she who sleeps. Though I was beneath and in the water, and I was sleeping, who knows maybe it is me. What a joke.Personnaly I do not care about all that, Eife is Leanan Sidhe, and so is she who sleeps, this land belongs to them, always has, always will. So what if they are responsible for what happened here, they are cleaning it up, so who cares. During our ceremony of the circle I was possessed by the spirit of gwendolyn of the Tuatha De Dannon, and she told me that if I build her Caryne on the hill of Tara, she will tell me where to find Roxxanna’s heart.

Court, etc

Had a meeting with Eva, Moira anad I are arranging a party , I am setting myself to be Master of Elysium , altough it was not my goal it has happened, and I feel that I can provide positions for everyone here, enough to make them happy.

Everyone in this time has to have something , or as much as they can get. It is the world of court that Dorain told me of, it makes my skin crawl. I hate it. But I have been in need of having a place in this world, and this one will allow me to work with Kian.

Speaking of him, he found out that he most likely is Dorian, but he is not certain. He knows that he was with me in that life though we can not be sure that he was in fact Dorian. But he says he remembers a time that I was hi elder sister, someone he respected, someone he still respects.

He followed me around for a day or so after finding that out. bUt quickly he returned to his ways of ignoring me. we do have an understanding, I understand that I love him and that I will never be with him again. That I have to watch him with others, and not do anything about it.

Veronica would be best to work with Kian.She knows the town and security better than anyone.

I think I can create a position for Tara that will satisfy all her wants and desires while leaving myself in the position of power. I need to be the one working with Kian, I need to have a place and this is the one I have chosen, through action and not through thought.


We went to Derry, found the thing, and I gave her a blessing of the Goddess to make her attractive for a while. I felt sorry for her being as that everyone treated her badly because of how repulsive she is.

I met Hal, he is pretty great, though I am pretty sure he thinks I am a man. I was torped twice, sent home, got a axe and a knife form Veronica, sent t back to Derry, and all the while Kian had very little to do with me.