Aftermath – Nemesis or Friend

Patrols led by Captain du Triel, his daughter and others had departed to reconnoiter what happened to the goblins and their allies. Silverleaf had went north, and Sir Etienne named provisional commander of the Calder Keep. In that time Elemix, Emmeline and Tiffanie had returned with Rivanon to Uzec along with three goblin prisoners the Lady had chosen to bring with. Upon arriving, Sister Tiffanie made her way to the Temple to find her wife. Continue reading “Aftermath – Nemesis or Friend”

Silverleaf Visits

A temple acolyte entered the prayer hall where the wounded from the fighting up near Calder Keep were gathered. “Sister Typhon Né, there is an elf, yes I’m certain it is an elf, that is here to talk to you. He says his name is Remy Silverleaf and he said it was important.”

“I know him,” Typhon replied. “Please show him to a quiet room, and let him know I’ll be with him shortly.” Continue reading “Silverleaf Visits”

Hope Unlooked For

As Tiffanie slept she felt a distant compulsion, a desire to leave the temple and journey into the oncoming snowstorm. Something was calling for her, something just on the edge of consciousness. She easily could resist it, should she desire to, but there was something familiar, something from before she took her vows.

Typhon grabbed her axe and quietly left the group to see where this compulsion was to take her. Before stepping out in the snowstorm, Typhon pulled the winter cloak closer around her. With eyes closed for a moment, Typhon sensed the direction she need to follow, and then walked off toward it. Continue reading “Hope Unlooked For”

A Visitor at the Bathhouse

In another life, maybe Typhon Ne would have enjoyed this place. Today, it was debauchery. Not evil, per se, but inducement to evil for certain. The fact that the ‘assistants’ were enslaved made it that much worse. So many evils, but the greater one still lay ahead. One wrong move and that could be lost. Continue reading “A Visitor at the Bathhouse”

A Visitor and a Friend

The Uzec Temple was small, but beautiful. The High Priestess with the Baron and other locals support were doing their best to upgrade it and the local shrines as well. Tiffanie could see why Jocelyn was reluctant to leave. Over a hundred clerics, deacons, lay clergy and others throughout the barony depended on her presence now that the old priest was gone. It was a huge responsibility. Supplicants came daily and kept Jocelyn very busy. Continue reading “A Visitor and a Friend”

A Second Dream

With a letter sent off to Primel, Jocelyn and Typhon planned their trip to Derrien. As the evening wore on, the Temple bells rang. Jocelyn kissed Typhon on the cheek and Typhon kissed Jocelyn’s hand, and they parted. Typhon knew the Sister needed to prepare her Temple for evening prayer.

Typhon had learned that all the rage, both his, his spirit totem, and even Khord’s were calm when Jocelyn was there. With her absence, the rage returned, and like before she sat on edge, like bonfire ready to consume everything around her. Rumors of bounty hunters returning to find her had reached Typhon’s ears. Between that and the Tyaanite enemies, nothing felt truly safe – save when she heard Jocelyn’s voice. Continue reading “A Second Dream”

From Friendship to Courtship

At Uzec’s Temple of Aarith, Jocelyn and Typhon (Tiffanie) walked together in the garden. The trees leaves were brilliantly colored and the air nice and cool. Taking a bench together, Jocelyn looked at Typhon and said, “my friend, I believe an act of evil, hatred toward someone long, long gone has rebounded into an accidental good. A good I have prayed upon every day and every night since our discussion in the Temple
Apartment’s kitchen. The day you turned from temptation and took a different road. Now, after you told me what the His Holiness the Patriarch said to you in you initiation, everything makes sense. If it is your wish, we can ask the Bishop for permission to court.” Continue reading “From Friendship to Courtship”

After Dinner Confusion, A Day of Answers

After eating a fine dinner at the Dungaroon’s residence, Tiffanie excused herself from the group just as the tension about Adela was beginning to grow. “I’m sorry I had another engagement to attend to,” she said.

Peren, also a bit uncomfortable, said, “I’ll show you to the door.” Continue reading “After Dinner Confusion, A Day of Answers”

Tiffanie, Jocelyn, and the Will of Khord: Part 2

After several days at sea, finally they had arrived. Thalassa was like nothing Tiffanie had ever seen. As the ship approached the seawalls, or what the Thalassan’s called the Aegis, she saw the silver spires and golden domes of the central city island, the heart of Thalassa, loomed large above them. The rest of the city, built on the plain surrounding the isle was a myriad of buildings, roads, and canals. Ships and boats seemed to be everywhere. Passing through the Aegis’s seawall opening, the ship moved toward a port on the northwest part of an island, a merchant area perhaps, nearby the central city hub. Jocelyn smiled, “I’ve actually only been here once, and I was very young then.” Continue reading “Tiffanie, Jocelyn, and the Will of Khord: Part 2”

Tiffanie, Jocelyn, and the Will of Khord. Part 1

Power. Only Tiffanie knew the name of the last bearer of this Axe. She was also very aware of the potential bloodlust of Khord and that his will make the Axe more deadly, more accurate and stiffened her own will against weakness. Khord’s price – kill, and kill again. Kill all your enemies and let their blood soak the ground and let the gods hear you kill them. Continue reading “Tiffanie, Jocelyn, and the Will of Khord. Part 1”