Sessions 17 & 18


(Nov 19th – Dec 28th, 447)

The party finished up their last days in Portreaux where Giselle had delivered Elemix to join them. After attending several social events, the party left for an inn “The Squirrel” where they took up their aliases. From there they took ship without incident aboard the Dawnstar and arrived a week later at Adera.

In Adera they went to the mercenaries guild and hired Ricimer, a half-Carian shieldman. Sister Typhon consulted with the Temple of Aarith in the city about her vision from St. Aria. River and Em got into their roles with enthusiasm, while Elemix kept things subdued as ‘Bob’. They heard rumor of refugees coming from the south east, possibly from Malith. Continue reading “Sessions 17 & 18”

About Thalassa


The island of Thalassa is fairly small and hilly island of approximately 220 square miles (or about 7 times the size of Manhattan). The hills in the north and south are separated by a wide high central valley which winds down to the City, while the plains of the south are fairly flat, save for a large lake, dropping down toward the sea. The island as one high point over 2000 ft, Mont Les Chaux, in the center of the island. The island was heavily wooded in ancient times. The upper valley, north shore, and the hills still have significant woodlands, while the lower valley, Karrack Point in the north, and the southern plain are farmland. Streams and small rivers are found all over the island. The City itself was built up on islands at the mouth of the largest river with a variety canals linking both the original islands and artificial islands built up over nearly 400 years. Continue reading “About Thalassa”

Epilogue: Sessions 12 & 13


  • From Thalassa, the party journeyed by ship to Breven. During the trip they were waylaid by seahags with intent to capture Emmeline at the very least.
  • Surviving this, the party returned to Uzec where they were drawn into combat at Arresey where hobgoblins fleeing their defeat near Faou and foraging for supplies attacked the defenseless village.
  • The party visited the Mother Tree’s Glade where Elemix conversed briefly with Mara, Rivanon heard nothing, and Jocelyn called in a favor.
  • Some days later, following a lead, the party journeyed north of Calder Falls where they took on two goblin prisoners who led them to an abandoned temple of Hate.
  • Here, Typhon Ne learned the nature of his/her path, Emmeline (and her family) were purged of an ancient curse, and Elemix effectively blew the temple up.
  • Sister Typhon Ne and Sister Jocelyn speak to the Bishop and Jocelyn’s mother about courtship and marriage. They are sealed in the Bishop’s presence with a penance to wait to marry formally until Sister Typhon returns.
  • Sister Jocelyn believes she is pregnant.
  • Lady Rivanon d’Uzec departs on a mission of import for her father.

Continue reading “Epilogue: Sessions 12 & 13”

NPCs Friends & Family


Bella Lecaste Dungaroon: Elemix's wizard mother, Master magus candidate, associate guild master of the Apothecary's Guild, and member of the Merchant's Guild.
Bella Lecaste Dungaroon:Elemix’s wizard mother, Master magus candidate, associate guild master of the Apothecary’s Guild, and member of the Merchant’s Guild.
Lady Rivanon Maria d'Uzec: Daughter and Heir of Lord Roland d'Uzec. Member of the College of Seers. Member of the Thalassan Bar and Advocates Guild. Grand niece of the Duke of Derrien.
Lady Rivanon Maria d’Uzec: Daughter and Heir of Lord Roland d’Uzec. Member of the College of Seers. Member of the Thalassan Bar and Advocates Guild. Grand niece of the Duke of Derrien.
River Celeste: Bardic minstrel of Danaean and Savonian descent (alter-ego of Rivanon).
River Celeste: Bardic minstrel of Danaean and Savonian descent (alter-ego of Rivanon).


Epilogue: Session 11


  • Tiffanie joins the Aarithine Order of the Just, becoming Sister Typhon, Justicar of St. Aria. She is given a week to find a worthy task to take on as her errantry.
  • Emmeline is nearly complete with her training and evaluation with Archmagus Revan. Save for three brief meetings with Elemix, no one knows how she is faring, not how the evaluation will resolve.
  • Elemix studies new spells.
  • After two weeks teaching Tiffanie of the ways of Aarith, Sister Jocelyn leaves for Uzec.
  • An agent of tries to serve a legal notice on Tiffanie from Adela. Tiffanie dodges it, as Elemix takes it. Apparently she is still upset about the deal that led (indirectly) to Mimeux’s near-death.
  • Elemix, Tiffanie and Bella, with help before and after from Brigitte and Baldwin concoct a method to limit the Aquila’s shadow-demon protections using copper plates, light-spells, and the technique of camera-obscura. Later Tiffanie reworked the map at the Great Library with Brigitte’s assistance, revealing details of the location between Hattani Gates, also known as the Demon’s Horns.
  • Elemix and Tiffanie meet with Dr. Bruin and learn more about the Khord and the dragon flute.
  • Elemix looks into hiring a divination wizard to help with the Aquila, but the cost is prohibitive. Later he learns his mother could cast the same spell, but the cost is still expensive in materials alone.
  • Elemix and Tiffanie locate Lady Rhivanon who agrees to train Tiffanie on how to read Thalassan music notation. She further looks into arranging travel back to the Periphery as soon as convenient. In addition, she informs them about Emmeline’s plan for Rhivanon to travel incognito as the bard, River Celeste.


Magus Ewen LeCarré – Professional diviner and magus. Could not cast the spell in question, but recommended his master.

MasterMagus Philippe DuQuerque – Master diviner and Magus. Never met in person.

Banister, D’alors, and Guyaut – Honorable Sergeants of the Just who graduated training with Tiffanie.

Epilogue: Sessions 9 and 10


Over the course of a week on Thalassa…

  • Elemix found his pseudo-dragon familiar, Sang.
  • Elemix & Emmeline (with Bella) took on and ended the threat of the Tyaanite assassin (with Sang’s help)
  • Elemix learned that his mother has always had a familiar, the family feline Isabeau.
  • Emmeline & Elemix began connecting with their grandmother, Adela (Adelaide).
  • Emmeline (through Rivanon’s advocacy) has brought to a close her uncle’s pursuit of a marriage claim, leasing him the land, and getting herself adopted by Adela.
  • Tiffanie avoided a trap (presumably by the Tyaanite) due to a mysterious person who may or may not be the stranger (and active historian) Morgan.
  • Mimeux, the ‘present’ for Tiffanie was slain, likely by the Tyaanite. As she was a witness to a crime, and Adela could put up the money, she was – with the party’s help interceding – raised. With the death of the Tyaanite, Mimeux’s testimony was less useful, though it confirmed his involvement. She now is serving the Aarithine Temple (and then, likely serving Adela).
  • Tiffanie learned more about the dragon flute, Khord’s last days, and the location of where to start the hunt.
  • With the help of Elemix’s cousin Brigitte and her husband Baldwin, the party discovered that the Aquila, once mated with the lightning javelin, and attuned, is revealed to be a military magic item. By itself, not terribly useful, but within is a map. Elemix and his cousin continue to work on getting a copy of the map without summoning shadow spirits.
  • Tiffanie was drawn closer into the Temple of Aarith through the kindness of Jocelyn, and a mysterious reverend brother known as Taran. She joins him and his brethren and leave for their island retreat to the west.
  • Elemix used his influence (and a bribe) to buy a favor from Archmagus Revan to take on Emmeline to teach and evaluate her for inclusion into the Guild. What Mara thinks of this is a mystery, but the fey continues to whisper to Emmeline.
  • Emmeline spends a solitary month studying, cleaning, and taking on the tasks that Revan assigns her. Never unmasked, unrobed, or ungloved, the raspy-voiced Revan remains a mystery, though its devotion to the Guild and the the Thalassan mission seems absolute.
  • Once a week, Elemix meets for an hour with Emmeline. “Studying with Archmagus Revan is a great honor,” he reminds her.


Mimeux – Not actually met when she was alive. She is a courtesan that was supposed to be a gift for Tiffanie in exchange for her modeling.

Khaia – A courtesan who Adela hired to teach Emmeline.

Aran – Adele’s factor and personal assistant.

Ana – Bella’s housekeeper and the governess of of Roux and Pris.

Brother Taran of the Just – Preceptor of the Most Holy Order of Saint Aria the Just who recruited Tiffanie to the Justicars.