Meeting Dorien Green

When Dottie awoke, she was disoriented. Something had attacked her, made her feel violently ill. So ill she thought the was dying. And she was pretty sure she did.

But if this was the afterlife, why was Aeden in it? And the good looking man in a very expensive suit Dotty met at Aeden’s store? Looking around herself, Dotty could see she was in a large, comfortable bed. She must have been cleaned up, too, because her face was no longer sticky with drying blood. Heavy curtains blocked any outside light, but somehow she knew it was night.

Dottie’s lips tingled some like the way they did when she used the expensive lip balm. Only, when she licked them, it tasted like nothing she’d ever experienced before. It was delicious, invigorating, thrilling — it was like sex, if raw, thrumming power could be as good as sex. Continue reading “Meeting Dorien Green”

Characters of Endless Nights

Endless Nights Characters

NameTypeDescriptionWhere MetSession
Aeden MPCHandsome, slender, long-haired male of Irish descent.Bright Raven Books, Compton Cafe1
Dottie KayPCFBI AgentHollywood Party, Compton Cafe1
Henry SteelePCBiker, founding member of Hells AngelsHollywood Party1
Kasumi KarisawaPCAttractive, small, Japanese. Young woman.Compton Cafe1
LeonPCStage magician, set craftsmanHollywood Party1
Annabelle RossMystery NPCAttractive blonde dancer and actor.Missing1
Hells Angels: Tommy Gun, Barry, and GuySupporting NPCBikersHenry's Garage1
MareadPCStudent, researcherSunrise Apartments2
Charles ReddExtraSeen in a photo as Annabelle's dance partnerA dance club2
Zombie HordeNightmareThe Unquiet DeadSunrise Apartments2
William ChenMain NPCA dead man walking, Chinese-American descentSunrise Apartment (possible) Dreddgate Cemetery (definite)2
Dorien GreenMain NPCElder vampire (Ventrue) leader of the Santa Monica Coterie. 5'9", brown hair, brown eyes, caucasian French. Sire - Aedan and Dottie.Warehouse, downtown L.A., Mansion3
Hans GoerMain NPCBald, wrinkly, elderly looking Nosferatu. Member of the Santa Monica CoterieNot directly met3
Maureen TannerMain NPCThe Starmaker. Daeva, Attractive red-head. Part of the Santa Monica Coterie. Sire to LeonMansion3
Torvan GohrMain NPCSandy blonde, Gangrel. Member of the Santa Monica CoterieHenry's Garage2
Valerie JohnsMain NPCBeautiful brunette and nightclub owner. Mekhet member of the Santa Monica CoterieMansion3

Meeting Maureen Tanner

All of Leon’s senses were screaming in agony just before he opened his eyes and he looked around. He was in what looked like a studio in the front of a room that had but a single chair (in which he was sitting). He must have been slumped but balanced carefully or he should have probably fallen over on his face.

Which likely would have ruined the effect the artist was going for. Said artist was eyeing him and then carefully painting on a large canvass. It was turned away from him, so while he couldn’t see what she was painting, he was obviously part of the subject. Continue reading “Meeting Maureen Tanner”

Appointment List

On the night of the formal dinner, Emmeline had an opportunity to tell her story and that of the party. The song was well-received, though the audience was not the raukuss bar-crowd Emmeline was used to. They preferred their entertainment more subdued, and Emmeline delivered. She was one of seven entertainer for the evening and the only non-bard. She held her own. The Mayor was absent from this dinner and the entertainment after briefly arriving at the beginning and then leaving.

As the evening continued, the Baron asked Emmeline alone to step aside with him into an adjoining room. Three others joined them there. The Baron introduced the first as Captain Jean-Baptiste Tourville, a leader from the Admiralty; Captain Gabrielle Miraux, a leader and Sky Dragoon of the Phoenix Guard, and a man simply called Dumont, who was a civilian but dressed in the same style as the Mayor did the day before. Continue reading “Appointment List”

Queen of Love and Beauty

During the ride, Lord Roland spoke to Emmeline, “my lady, I wish you at my side at the summer tournament. Despite this journey, we should be back in time. That said, we will need candidates for this year’s Queen of Love and Beauty.”

“Uzec is gifted with many lovely young women,” Emmeline mused. “It will be hard to give up my crown.” The playful glint in her eye was matched by a smile. “I’d list my ladies in waiting, Kalista, and several unmarried noblewomen as well as a number of women who may have been born common but have uncommonly good looks.” Continue reading “Queen of Love and Beauty”

On the Road

As the party were passing hardby the highlands and woods where the hags were battled, Renée road up to the Baron, bowing slightly and discussed some thing Emmeline not Elemix could hear. Elemix could make out the words ‘danger’, and ‘possible’.

Once she was done, Renée backed her horse off to ride behind Emmeline and Elemix, and beside Typhon, saying, “I can’t really explain it, but something is not right. The more I practice the techniques my mother taught me, the more I sense odd things. I’m still learning, but remember when I felt that undead presence? I’m feeling something similar, like being near the Vale. Kalista is part of it, so I think it is fey, but something else is out there and within a mile of us that is fey.” Continue reading “On the Road”

Social Movement

Emmeline had spent most of the travel riding near the baron. But it was during a break to give horses food and rest she quietly approach her lady in waiting. “Amelie? Can you tell me a little about Lord Arles?”

She said, “the lord is the younger son of the Duke and heir to the Duke’s realm and is just slightly younger than the Baron. He is very much into horsemanship and is a fair soldier. In his youth he was quite the tournament champion. He is married to a commoner from a wealthy merchant family in Breven. Her name is Margarite. They have several children including Maria, Ana, Margot, François, and Louis. Maria is married to a minor noble. Ana serves the Lady Rivanon. Margot is training to be a priestess. Francois and Louis are still very much under age. None are in the line of succession, though their father is.” Continue reading “Social Movement”

Derrien to Thalassa

The Baron was delayed for a time with the Duke. For a short time everyone had to wait outside the audience chamber in the Ducal palace. Elemix got up and stepped out for a moment. Renee was dressed up formally in the military-like yeoman clothing that was made from an old uniform of Rivanon’s from childhood, she was out the window to Typhon’s horse. Kalista had her cloak pulled over her and was sitting in the corner being quiet. Amelie stood at Emmeline’s side. The rest of the entourage waited patiently.

Continue reading “Derrien to Thalassa”

The Lioness, the Witch, and Wardrobe

The following morning, Emmeline was summoned by Magus Alix to her tower. After normal greetings, the magus said, “I know you wish to return as soon as possible to Uzec, but I have some need of knowledge to better teach you and help you protect that which is of import to you. When we are done, you may begin your journey north.”

“What can I do to help you, Magus?” Emmeline asked.

“Let’s start at the beginning. I understand the fey Mara taught you magic and gave you gifts that have in a short time made you formidable. Could you explain those gifts to me? What can you do dear Emmeline?” she said with a disarming smile. Continue reading “The Lioness, the Witch, and Wardrobe”