Something in the sewer.

I have been working to hard lately and not taking care of myself. Jeeves my manservant has been after me to feed and I finally gave into his nagging.  I had just finished my third drink at our regular club when Jeeves took a call from Aden saying it was urgent I meet him in Compton and that there was trouble.

Jeeves and I went to the location and got out to find that someone had gone missing in Compton.  Ok, let me rephrase that, someone we know has gone missing in Compton, an apprentice of Kasumi, had been dragged into the sewer and a hoard of rats chased Kasumi over the rooftops.

We have decided that since Kasumi values this one and we don’t want her going alone we will go with her.  I got at rope to lower myself down and because wanted to get back up. I also wore my hip waders and brought my knives and some chemical glow sticks because I think we will go to some places with no light, some of these will even float. Continue reading “Something in the sewer.”

Current Irons in the fire

So let me explain what’s happened, … no there is too much, let me sum up.

Our sires have decided that we can stand on our own and have literally moved on down the road.

I am not going to tell you where. If you want to know you can find them and ask them by which point it will probably be moot. Suffice to say that most of us are living in Dorren’s old home we have taken even more measures to make it sun proof and secure, some might say we are paranoid and some would say we are just being prudent. I say po-tay-toe, po-ta-toe, as long as it works I don’t care what you call it.
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Anabelle Ross parts 2 and 3

** Session 2 **

I went with Dottie to report the murder scene to the police. Then I went to see Henry and see if he needed any help because he seemed like he was going into shock.  Henry wasn’t very approachable so I went home.  I thought about what we had learned and then went to bed. The next day I decided to go to Anabelle’s house. I called the FBI agent and we agreed to met there. I tried to contact Henry but no one picked up his phone. And that was when the supernatural shit hit the fan. Continue reading “Anabelle Ross parts 2 and 3”

Shadow Fate Session 17 Nero gets away

ShaowFate Session 17 September 27, 2014

Started search for person that looks like my sire. I asked Warren and his contacts couldn’t remember seeing such a person. I contacted Caspian or Arcasia about information on my sire and her sire and childer.

Payden was taken then Max was snatched after Nero found out Renee was killed.

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Shadow Fate Session 16 Wings that work

Shadow Fate Session 16 August 16, 2014

There was a mad rush out the door, Eric left to gather a crew to join us to help take out Nero.

We went to Wal-Mart but didn’t buy anything. Warren made some calls and found what he believed was an alternate way to the relic.

Then I called Jacks, an army surplus and outfitting store and asked him to open up for some late night shopping. We spotted a tail and pulled into a pull off., next to a semi that read Jack’s pork chop express Continue reading “Shadow Fate Session 16 Wings that work”

Shadow Fate Session 15 Payden is Missing

Shadow Fate Session 15 August 2, 2014

May 17, 2032

I called a meeting Warren and Payden were missing.

I was able to contact Warren. But not Payden or Odin. When I called her I heard her phone ringing upstairs but only a worn looking Russell was there trying to keep up with two babies. Fang had been busy watching a squirrel eat because it was eating on the kitchen table.

Erick was there when I got back down to the kitchen. We told him that we can’t find Payden. Eric said that he would get his people looking.

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Shadow Fate Session 14 A Walk in the park

Shadow Fate Session 14 July 19, 2014

May 14

A rougher element seemed to be trying to settle into the club but so far Garrett seems to encouraging them to move on or at least play nice.

Lilah came to me and asked how far to go and take things because she didn’t want to cause trouble. We talked and I said stick up for yourself but don’t go overboard.

Renee came into the club to see Logan, sent a note that called him a Frienemy and a box with a heart we think its human but are not sure. But then left angry. Logan needed a new phone number somehow Renee got his old number. Continue reading “Shadow Fate Session 14 A Walk in the park”