A Redcap for Emmeline

As Emmeline arrived in Breven in mid August, a Redcap named Katherine Marr arrived with a message.

“My Lady, I have a message from a mutual friend of a mutual friend. I’m afraid I must destroy the paper once read,” she said.

She handed the message tube to Emmeline. Within was the following in the Sylvan language written as sounds, but not spelled as it naturally would in Sylvan but, in Common letters as sounds only, not with any semblance of syntax. It was odd and Emmeline had to sound it out silently to herself to understand it.

“The hider of maps has shown his hand. The city of slaves changes but is unchanged. A saved man goes forth to serve once more. A fox is satisfied, a new mother and a sister are noticed, a mask has frowned, the wise are unsure.”

The Redcap waited…

The first part puzzled her. But city of slave surely referred to Storavan, who remained in dire danger. The saved man must have referred to General Gustave. Perhaps he was going to help the Legion? Emmeline wasn’t certain. But the fox being satisfied had to be The Fox she knew in Thalassa and he was telling her that she and Typhon’s service had been noticed. Was the mask reference Revan? She couldn’t be sure of that either. If it was, he was somehow displeased. The wise being unsure might refer to the leadership of Thalassa being uncertain.

The Hider of Maps… who was this, she wondered.

“Do you require a response?” Emmeline asked.

The Redcap shook her head. “No my lady. But, I am to take back the message and burn it or witness it being burned.”

Emmeline nodded. “Thank you for your service.” She handed the message back to Katherine.

She took it and then cast a quick cantrip which incinerated the letter. “You are welcome. Please note, I do not require a response, but I can bring one to a mutual friend of a mutual friend.

“Tell our friend this.” She switched to the fey tongue. “We stand ready to serve.” In common again, she said, “Can you repeat those sounds precisely as I spoke them?”

The redcap thought for a second and said, “Oleme valmis teenindama” precisely.

“Perfect,” Em said with a nod.

The Redcap nodded, gave a slight bow, and then turned and departed.

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