Something in the sewer.

I have been working to hard lately and not taking care of myself. Jeeves my manservant has been after me to feed and I finally gave into his nagging.  I had just finished my third drink at our regular club when Jeeves took a call from Aden saying it was urgent I meet him in Compton and that there was trouble.

Jeeves and I went to the location and got out to find that someone had gone missing in Compton.  Ok, let me rephrase that, someone we know has gone missing in Compton, an apprentice of Kasumi, had been dragged into the sewer and a hoard of rats chased Kasumi over the rooftops.

We have decided that since Kasumi values this one and we don’t want her going alone we will go with her.  I got at rope to lower myself down and because wanted to get back up. I also wore my hip waders and brought my knives and some chemical glow sticks because I think we will go to some places with no light, some of these will even float.

So we explored the sewers for a while and followed the trail, well actually we followed Elle Ross who followed the trial. I have been chalk marking the walls so we will be able to find our way back.

We went through various rooms and tunnels and finally came to a place where there was a pipe about 20 feet up that the apprentice had passed though. Whatever has it is very strong. Aden went through and yelled that there was  another hoard of rats coming and things got crazy for a bit. When it was all over I saw and as a negative image and yelled at him something about how for over 50 years he has let me believe I was seeing things or going crazy. He can be suck a git sometimes.

We killed the rats or convinced them that we were not what they were looking for. We heard firing up ahead and saw three men firing wildly around. Then one of them seemed to pass out and only 2 men were firing wildly. The next thing I knew Kasumi had disappeared and something about the size of a dog had sunk its claws through my back and out my chest. I almost fainted from the pain.  It even hurt to move. There was more firing and slashing, up close and personal.  I thought my friends might finish the job the little monster had started. The monster beat a retreat and I started to heal.

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