Current Irons in the fire

So let me explain what’s happened, … no there is too much, let me sum up.

Our sires have decided that we can stand on our own and have literally moved on down the road.

I am not going to tell you where. If you want to know you can find them and ask them by which point it will probably be moot. Suffice to say that most of us are living in Dorren’s old home we have taken even more measures to make it sun proof and secure, some might say we are paranoid and some would say we are just being prudent. I say po-tay-toe, po-ta-toe, as long as it works I don’t care what you call it.

Some of the things going in in my life let me see.

Find the thing that ended my first life.

Find the little camouflaged rat controlling bastard that opened up my chest in the sewer.

I am still in love with Maureen and I will keep trying to get her to stay but that is beside the point.

Martin Hamlish, my former agent, can hold a grudge like no one else I know, he has AGAIN filed suit and been making libelous statements about me. I guess he has nothing else to do in that nursing home but I am sorry that he feels so bitter about a business decision I made over 50 years ago.

Marco has been after me to join up with me in another of his wild schemes they seem so sensible when he is explaining them and so farfetched when I think about all that has to come together for them to work when I think back on them. I am not saying some of them haven’t worked but I still remember that first time and once bitten twice shy I guess sums it up the best.

Bethany Grant’s husband, Mark, is making a nuisance of himself if he is not careful I may have to deal with him but so far he is just an annoyance. Bethany is a good girl and a member of my circle of friends. Even with the little gifts she insists on giving me I still think she will be better off financially than with that loser dragging her down.

Still not word from the private detectives I have looking for Tiffany Black. I have been worried about her since she moved away. I let her into our world to much for her to get away and yet part of me hopes she does.

Thomas Uy the son of Robert Uy, a man I accidentally locked in a trunk overnight, is still trying to sue me for mental anguish relating to the psychological trauma that was inflicted on him by his father not being able to hold down a job and becoming homeless.  He can’t really afford a lawyer so it’s just talk.

The Woodworkers Guild of Southern California is going strong and I have seen to it that a good man is running it.

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