Anabelle Ross parts 2 and 3

** Session 2 **

I went with Dottie to report the murder scene to the police. Then I went to see Henry and see if he needed any help because he seemed like he was going into shock.  Henry wasn’t very approachable so I went home.  I thought about what we had learned and then went to bed. The next day I decided to go to Anabelle’s house. I called the FBI agent and we agreed to met there. I tried to contact Henry but no one picked up his phone. And that was when the supernatural shit hit the fan.

Zombies, freaking zombies, I think the more upsetting part was how quiet they were. We saw them turn toward us and Dottie and I ran down the stairs telling Aedan to come too. When I saw that Aedan wasn’t right behind us I went back and things started getting really freaky. Aedan looked like some sort of negative image. I don’t know what he was doing but it seemed to be hurting the zombies. I don’t know what noise I made or what I did but the next thing I knew I was the heavy weight bag at the gym and every freaking Zombies wanted a turn. I got out of there as fast as I could and ran to the car. I was going to hot wire it but Dottie threw me the keys we got in and just as I was turning her over a girl appeared out of nowhere and climbed into the back. I floored it and went thumpety, thump, thump over the zombies  just like Frosty the snowman in that Gene Autry song.  I tried to convince myself that that they were people just drugged but with the while negative image Aedan I was pretty sure that I had just seem something out of this world.

** Session 3 **

I was in the car driving away fast and blindly just sort of reacting. I finally realized that a cop was trying to pull me over and I did, Dottie said she would handle it and told the cop that we heading to a crime scene. I finally was able pry my hands off the wheel and let Dottie drive. She took us to her house.  I tried to rest. I was battered and bruised.  We talked and decided that we had to go back and make sure things were ok. Maread wanted to get to a bookstore she knew to see if she could figure out more about the drugged people  we encountered but she didn’t want to go anywhere near her house so we left her at home.

The cops were all over the Sunrise Apartments, Dottie used her credentials to gain access and when she got back she said that she thought the zombies were some sort of ritual killings. While she was gone Henry drove up on his bike and parked himself next to me by the car. I asked her if she had investigated Annabelle’s apartment and she said no so we went back and tried to get in the door was locked but not for long. I got it unlocked but the chain was on. We went to Maread’s place and looked out the open window. We saw the fire escape and gained access and then went through Anabelle’s open window. The apartment was sort of torn up, there were claw marks near her window and her clothes were torn up. Dottie found some mail and we left the apartment. I told Henry what we found and Dottie read a letter from someone named William Chen telling Anabelle to meet him at Dread Gate Cemetery.  We went to pick up Meread and found a note saying that she had gone to Aedan’s Bookstore, Bright Raven Books.  Henry came too.  The gang was all there except Kasumi.

I told Aedan that I came because I was concerned.  He said I was ok. I palmed one of his cards because I was embarrassed about not knowing his last name.  I asked if Meread was here because of the note she left and Aden said that she was upstairs and invited us to go up.

Aedan left to make some tea. Meread kept saying “He waved his hand and they dropped and then waved it again and they got back up and started eating people. When I had asked Aedan about earlier when he turned into a negative image he said that it must have been stress and I was seeing things.

We helped Meread research the zombies. Not a whole lot have the means to bring people back as zombies. A ritual using high magic, necromancers who claim dominion over the dead, or certain monsters have the ability to bring things back from the dead. I am being pulled into this world and am beginning to believe.

We stopped for supper I walked to Mereads apartment and got her stuff since she said she was never going back. Then I went the café that Kasumi worked at but it was not one of her nights.We heard a call about Annabelle and a message for the FBI. Agent Kay took it and we left to find Annabelle, instead of looking for Chens grave, Better to find the living than the dead.

We got to the street and split up to try and catch a clue. I was trying to use logic and Agent Kay was questioning people. We agreed to meet up at a bar across the street. I found out someone was following Annabelle. A tall Chinese Amercian with a long coat and a wide brim hat.

I was waiting outside the bar and saw Dottie suddenly run down the street so I took off after her.  She called on Annabelle to stop. Anabelle halted. I grabbed the shoes on the way by that she had taken off to run faster. I got up to them and warned them that Annabelle was being followed followed but a Chinese American man in a long coat and wide brimmed hat.  A voice out of nowhere said incoming. We looked around and saw the man. Annabelle took a look at him and took off. Dottie started to go after her then stopped and told me to try and follow her. So I took of running and tried to keep her in sight. She seemed to be heading to a warehouse.  She looked both ways then leaped up bounced off the wall, grabbed the window frame and disappeared through the tall second story window.

I started to pick the lock and heard a shot. I looked around there was a body in the street and nothing else.  Found the nearest phone booth and called Aedan. I got her answering service and left a message, something about Emergency and an address and losing my FBI agent.  I stayed in the phone booth look for Dottie. The body was still in the street about 15 minutes later when they drove up.

Katsumi and Dottie showed up about that time too and went to check on the body.I went to the warehouse and unlocked the door. Henry and I went in the rest crowed in after us. There was a gust of wind that blew my lighter out. All hell broke loose, there were snarls, growls, and screaming I frantically tried to relight my lighter and get out the warehouse door.

I was attacked in the dark and passed out.

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  1. Frosty the snowman is a popular Christmas song written by Walter “Jack” Rollins and Steve Nelson, and first recorded by Gene Autry and the Cass County Boys in 1950.[1] It was written after the success of Autry’s recording of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” the previous year;

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