Silverleaf Visits

A temple acolyte entered the prayer hall where the wounded from the fighting up near Calder Keep were gathered. “Sister Typhon Né, there is an elf, yes I’m certain it is an elf, that is here to talk to you. He says his name is Remy Silverleaf and he said it was important.”

“I know him,” Typhon replied. “Please show him to a quiet room, and let him know I’ll be with him shortly.”

Typhon joined Remy in a small office five minutes later. Upon entering the room, Typhon gave Remy a slight bow, then said, “Sorry for the wait, Great Uncle. I have been helping tend to the wounded coming in from the north. How may I help you?”

He said, “I just wanted to let you know I am leaving. I have learned what you did about how far the Silverleaf have been driven from their old home by your birth people. I do not blame you for this. Nor am I looking for revenge. What I wish to do is find them. Mab…I mean Emmeline has given me leave to journey north and search for the survivors. I wish you to know that. If you wish, you could join me but that is a decision you would have to make now. I know that the goblin troubles are brewing up north and many need you here.”

“I had thoughts of helping you come spring, but it doesn’t look like that will come to pass,” Typhon said. “I am needed here, like you said, to help quell this goblin threat.

“Do you have an idea of where you will start looking?”, Typhon asked.

“Yes,” he said, “at the beginning. I will go to the Silverwood and begin my investigations. I could also listen about what the state of the Trond clan is. Where they are, and the state of your brother and sister.”

“That would be a great help,” Typhon replied. “Send word if you can if you need any assistance, and I will try to send you any aid I can.”

Typhon was thoughtful for a moment, then said, “This is what I know of my sister…” Typhon started the reveal what she learned when Matilde and her sister switched places.

“There must be powerful magics in play here. However I will keep an eye out.”

Just then a haggard soldier, escorted by an exasperated acolyte interrupted the conversation. He said, “Justicar. The Lady Rivanon just arrived up at Calder Keep. She requests and requires you in the name of the Baron and the Republic to gather and arm the remaining garrison in Uzec and leave for Calder Keep to arrive by mid morning tomorrow at the latest. The Constable has been given similar orders to secure the town using the walking wounded and elder veterans. What is your answer ma’am?”

Looking at the soldier, Typhon said, “Go to the garrison and start readying the men, I will be with you shortly.”

Turning back to her Great Uncle, Typhon said, “I’m sorry we must part on these conditions. I wish you a safe journey and good luck. I hope to see you return to the Mother Tree safely with the rest of the Silverleaf clan.”

“Do you need help?” Silverleaf asked.

“I would gladly except help, Remy,” Typhon replied. “But I do not wish to delay you on your search for the missing Silverleaves. I am ill informed about the numbers we will be dealing with to the north. If you wish to join us, I will accept the help. But I do not wish to hold you back, either.”

“That is fair, but my oath to come to the aid of Uzec is not lifted just because another is the protector of the Vale. I shall join you.”

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