Epilogue: Session 27


The party participated in the defense of Calder Keep. After the fall of the Baron and the Castilian and the raid on the goblin priests, the party split up to support Lady Rivanon’s strategy of negotiation with targeted action. Typhon Né took out the enemy’s etten, while Emmeline and Elemix went after different leaders. All defended the walls with young Renée and Silverleaf providing targeted support. The battle raged much of the morning with the enemy’s unity being broken with the death of their leaders and most of their priests of Hate.


Sir Etienne Axiney: son of the former Castilian and uncomfortable paramour of Emmeline

Sir Brann of Uzec: Seneschal of the Baron

Lord Chardin of Yvoire: Local Baronet and distant relative of Baron Roland

Lord Arrisey: Baronet of the southern Eastfold based at Arrisey

Sir Maurice Le Marin: one of the Baron’s remaining knights

Brother Bertrand: An acolyte of Aarith based in the Upper Valley

Caval of Branmarc: the designated leader of the refugees huddled in the courtyard and hallways of the Keep.

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