A Rainy Day…

Rain drenched the ground making it a soggy mess. Her feet slipped with every step threatening to make her fall but there was not time to think about it, she had to keep running.

Her arms pushed away branches and leaves in rapid succession as she pushed her way through the forest. Instinct had taken over long ago telling her body not to stop, it hurtled her forward past her limits, keep going, don’t look back, just keep going.

She skidded to a halt after bursting through a thick group of vegetation, she was on a ledge overlooking a divine with a river below, there was no where to go.

Her mind began to race looking for alternatives while her body tried to recuperate from the run, it was threatening to collapse on her. “Just a little further.” She thought, “Please make it a little further.”

Twigs snapped behind her and she froze, her heart raced in time with her mind, what was it? Panic was starting to take over as she turned toward the sound. There was no where else to go, no other option but to face what was behind her.

She picked up a rock to use as a weapon, intent on hitting whatever as there with all she had. She would not go down without a fight. It was too important, she had to tell the others, had to show them.

Her grip tightened on the rock as a shadow emerged from the bushes she had just ran through. Her muscles tensed as the figure moved closer to her, she was ready to strike when the figure stepped into the light, and every muscle in her body relaxed.

She laughed with a near hysteria as all her tension vanished, she was safe. “Jaeqaro, it’s you. Thank the Gods!”

Jeaqaro moved until he was close enough to touch her. His gentle smile calmed and reassured her. “I am glad I found you Talma, I have been looking everywhere.” His arms slipped around her shoulders hugging her to him.

Talma was so relieved she could cry. “I did not think I was going to survive this Jaeqro.” Tears pushed at the corner of her eyes as she looked at her friend and guild-mate.

His arms slid down her sides as he whispered into her ears. “You’re not.”

As the words left his lips he took a step back, his large hands pushing her backward as he did, sending her soaring off the cliff.

The last thing she saw was the sickening smile of pleasure on his face, and the journal he held in his hand, the one she had needed to get back to others.

Now they will never know, she thought as the wind whipped around her. Then shock took over as she realized what was happening, and then it went dark.

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