Description: Not quite important enough to be counted a major opponent, these supporting characters act as lieutenants to crime bosses, gang leaders, and leaders of secret organizations.

Lieutenant for a Secret Organization HC
Fanatical Fascist Trouble
We Have People Everywhere
Right Tool for the Job
Ruthless for the Cause

+4: Physique, Shoot
+3: Fight, Notice
+2: Stealth, Will
+1: Athletics, Provoke

Pistol. The lieutenant has a big gun that adds +2 shifts to the result of a successful attack.
Body Armor. The lieutenant is wearing enough body armor to get the benefits of Armor:1.
Weapons Expert. If the lieutenant is using a hand weapon, then she gets a +1 Fight rolls to use it.

Physical: ❑❑❑❑
Mental: ❑❑❑

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