New Power Theme: Water Projection

Water Projection Theme

You can control water in places where it gathers, as well as the moisture in the air. Wherever it exists, your power can do something with it.

Basic Water Projection: Your power involves control over water. When you use your powers, you create splashes of water and steamy mist.


Mist: Once per scene you can create a situation aspect such as Fog Thick as Pea Soup that inhibits sight.
Super Swimming: When you are in water deep enough to swim, you can move as fast as your Athletics skill allows – water is never a barrier to slow you down.
Water Breathing: You never need to breathe air if you are immersed in water.
Water Control: In addition to controlling water, you cause it to manifest anywhere but the driest desert. You can use an action to cause a torrent of water to flood a zone, making it a Fair (+2) obstacle to move through. The flood lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Common Power Synergies

Energy Blast: You can shoot a powerful stream of water.
Harm: Your control of water extends to the water in a person’s body. With this power you can cause internal damage, dehydrate someone to dangerous levels, or even cause blood flow to stop!
Heal: By controlling the water in a person’s body, you can slow bleeding or even enhance blood flow to enhance recovery.


• Places that are simply dry to others is painfully draining to you. You can Only Live in Humid Places.
• Your ability to control water relies on the presence of moisture. You are Weakened in Dry Places.

Collateral Damage Effects

Water Spout: You can create a whirling funnel from any water source to attack an entire zone. Of course, the destruction is indiscriminate.

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