Ultras is a setting for superheroic role-playing based on an alternate Earth. It uses Fate Core with Venture City to define powers.

Two campaigns are currently being planned for the Ultras setting: Free City and Northern Exposure Campaign. Look to their home pages for campaign-specific information.



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Lieutenant Description: Not quite important enough to be counted a major opponent, these supporting characters act as lieutenants to crime bosses, gang leaders, and leaders of secret organizations. Aspects Lieutenant for a Secret Organization HC Fanatical Fascist Trouble We Have People Everywhere Right Tool for the Job Ruthless for the Cause Skills +4: Physique, Shoot +3: Fight, Notice +2: Stealth, Will +1: Athletics, Provoke Stunts Pistol. ...

Gun-toting Thugs These thugs tend to appear in packs (so Teamwork applies) and are generally equipped with a variety of small arms, including knives. These are Fair (+2) nameless npcs, and so it takes a hit with 2 stress to take them out. Aspect: Gun-waving Street Punk Looking to Prove Something! Skills: Combat (+2), Notice (+1) Stress: ❑

NEC Campaign Map Canada is the home of the Northern Exposure Campaign:

New Power Theme: Water Projection Water Projection Theme You can control water in places where it gathers, as well as the moisture in the air. Wherever it exists, your power can do something with it. Basic Water Projection: Your power involves control over water. When you use your powers, you create splashes of water and steamy mist. Enhancements Mist: Once per scene you can ...

Ultras Powers and Themes Here you’ll find new powers and themes for use in your Ultras game! These are based on powers and themes you can find in Venture City. New Powers  (Still to come!)   New Themes Magic Power Theme Water Projection Theme

Terror Bots These little devils are usually deployed in groups of three or four. They are usually equipped with guns or even lasers and most can fly. Just two stress takes one out, but in large enough swarms they can be very dangerous. Aspects Flying Robot with a Friggin’ LASER on Its Friggin’ Head! Skills: Shoot (+2), Flying (+1) Stress: ❑

Main Battle Tank (MBT) Main Battle Tank (MBT) Description: Modern tanks are designed with composite armor, main guns, and secondary machine guns. They are heavy but manage to achieve speeds of around 40 mph. Aspects Heavy Assault Mobile Battlefield Domination Weapon – HC Not So Quick to Maneuver Nor to Aim the Main Gun – Trouble Composite Armor – Designed to absorb damage from ...

Killer Robot Killer Robot Description: Represents any type of robot that is deadly to humans but perhaps a tad less so to supers. Aspects All Hail the Commander – High Concept Not the Sharpest Arrow in the Quiver – Trouble/Weakness Armored Body Built for Shock and Suppression Hardened Electronics – Helps resist EMP weapons and certain attacks Skills +4: Shoot +3: Athletics, Physique +2: ...

Attack Helicopter Attack Helicopter Description: Modeled after AH-64 Apache helicopters used in the US Army and militaries of various countries around the world, this is the most powerful helicopter weapons system available to date. Aspects Close Combat Assault Craft – High Concept Only as Good as the Pilots – Trouble Anti-Tank Missiles 30mm Chain gun Rockets Skills +4: Shoot (Pilot 1), Shoot (Pilot 2) +3: ...

Ultras NPC Resource Page The table below includes a variety of standard or well-known NPCs that might be found in any Ultras campaign.

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