State of the World

Naturally, each nation of the world has their own plan with regard to the situation the aliens left with us. Some rounded up every last modified human they could with the intention of control. Sometimes this worked and sometimes it didn’t, depending on how much of a fight these modified humans had in them.

Other nations realized they would never be able to round up every last one of these alien-modified human-hybrids, mainly because the aliens had been doing this for so long, nobody had any idea who might have inherited the genes for powers and who didn’t. And finding out could take decades of time that, according to the aliens themselves, humanity really didn’t have.

Eventually, some of these people began appearing in the news. As the aliens predicted, most of them used their abilities for mischief but there were a few, perhaps one in ten, who were just crazy enough to stand up to those who would use their powers to take whatever they wanted. Or perhaps these would-be heroes just didn’t understand how badly they were outnumbered. Or perhaps they were simply bad at math. Whatever the case, most of them didn’t last because there always seemed to be someone more powerful, more skilled, or just plain luckier.

Statistics & Classification

Eventually, the World Health Organization (WHO) made a report to the United Nations Council on Ultramen (UNCUL). These Alien Ultramen, or Ultras for short, were being classified by the WHO as homo sapiens maximum.

The WHO were able to present preliminary statistics to UNCUL. It appeared that as many as one in a hundred humans had some evidence of genetic manipulation in their DNA. Whether it was recent or ancient history could not be determined. One in a hundred of those had some significant ability that switched on when the aliens left. Of those, one in a hundred had a significant ability that could pose a true threat to an entire city. Finally, the largest nations of the world noticed individuals with great power capable of truly incredible ability. The WHO produced the following statistics which, given how quickly they were produced, were likely invented:

  1. 1 in 100 people had the potential for developing a power. A Class D Ultra.
  2. 1 in 10,000 people actually have already manifested a minor ability. A Class C Ultra.
  3. 1 in 1,000,000 people have manifested a significant ability. A Class B Ultra.
  4. 1 in 100,000,000 people have incredible ability. A Class A Ultra.

Given these “facts”, the WHO proposed that given a world population of 8 billion, there might be up to 80 persons of incredible ability loose in the world that are truly of immediate concern, while there could be as many as 8,000 individuals with significant powers that could upset the balance of the political scene world-wide. Of these significantly dangerous individuals, perhaps one in ten have the inclination to use their powers for the benefit of humankind. This manufactured statistic implied perhaps 8 persons of incredible ability and 800 persons of significant ability might stand against the more typically selfish Ultra. At ten to one odds, the WHO predicted these very few fine specimens of humanity will be wiped out of existence by the others in only a few years.

Adding to this upsetting news is the report by the newly-made United Nations Council on Alien Sympathizer Activity (UN-CASA) which reported that some member nations may have made a separate deal with the Alien Assembly (AA) in exchange for a bit of that advanced technology. These nations may be capable of producing their own Ultras. On top of that, certain multinational corporations got busy attempting to isolate the Ultra gene and create their own “designer” Ultras. Secretly, of course. The UN Security Council considers any attempt to create new Ultras a crime against humanity since it is now understood that doing so plays directly into the first step of AA’s devious plan for humanity and the entire planet.

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