New Power Theme: Magic

Magic Power Theme

Your powers have a magical origin or are powered through spells instead of due to genetic manipulation by an alien race somewhere in your ancestry. If your powers come from magical artifacts, you may instead look at the Technology power theme and imagine it employing magic items instead of gizmos. Since you’re not an Ultra, powers like Power Nullification and Power Amplification don’t work on your powers, unless they are also magical in origin. Nor do your magical power nullification or amplification work on the powers of Ultras.

Basic Magical Effects: Your powers have a strange, mystical effect when used, and you can sense the use of magic in your vicinity.


Banish: You can sense if a magical creature was summoned to this world, or if one found its way here by mistake. And you can send it home, too, if you know where it’s from. You can use Lore to attempt to banish a creature from another dimension back to its home. It resists with Will. If you are successful, it must either return instantly to its home dimension, or take mental stress.
Magical Training: Choose one skill from Athletics, Lore, Shoot, or Will. You may use special effects whenever you use that skill, even if the action you take does not involve your power.
Ritual Magic: When you take a scene to use a power you have to create an aspect, you gain a +2 bonus to the skill roll and the aspect persists until it is overcome. You can use this ability to create permanent illusions or other effects, provided you have purchased the appropriate power. See the Synergies.

Common Power Synergies

The Power of Magic: Virtually any power might be emulated with the right spell. Below are just a few examples.
Creature Summoning: You can summon creatures from another dimension
Energy Blast: From flame jets to lightning bolts, magicians have been using magic to cause destruction for ages. According to storybooks.
Illusion: Creating illusions is a classic use of magical effects.
Influence: You can use magic to ensorcel victims…
Precognition: By consulting your tarot deck, pendulum, crystal ball, or other such tool, it’s possible for you to peer into the future. You can even cast a spell that lets you glimpse the future just a few moments ahead in time.


  • You must intone arcane phrases and use strange gestures in order to work your magic because you are a Ritualist. If you are prevented from doing so, you can’t use your powers.
  • As a living nexus of magical energy, you discover that The More Modern It Is, the Less It Works.
  • You are a warlock or witch. Food spoils, candles burn blue, and strange omens occur around you because of your Telltale Magical Aura.

Collateral Damage Effects

Fireball: You can lob a magical fireball at something within three zones of you. The ball explodes and burns everything in that zone. This is a Shoot attack against everyone in that zone. Also? The zone is now On Fire.

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