Main Battle Tank (MBT)

Main Battle Tank (MBT)

18945387245_463f617d13_zDescription: Modern tanks are designed with composite armor, main guns, and secondary machine guns. They are heavy but manage to achieve speeds of around 40 mph.

Heavy Assault Mobile Battlefield Domination Weapon – HC
Not So Quick to Maneuver Nor to Aim the Main Gun – Trouble
Composite Armor – Designed to absorb damage from a variety of sources; destruction of tank no longer means death of crew.
Terrifying Weapon of War

+4: Shoot
+3: Physique (structural integrity), Provoke
+2: Athletics (maneuvering), Notice (threat detection systems), Shoot (secondary machine gun)

Heavy Machine Gun. The secondary weapon is operated from an automated turret on top of the main turret. While perhaps less accurate in some ways than a directly-sighted machine gun, it has the advantage of keeping the gunner from being exposed. This mounted weapon offers a weapon:2 bonus (+2 stress done on a successful attack).
Composite Armor. A tank, as a supporting character, can take one or two consequences before being Taken Out. However, Composite Armor means that although a tank may be taken out, the crew can survive to evacuate the vehicle (though this may expose them to enemy fire, it’s better than remaining inside a burning vehicle).

Immunity to Small Arms. Composite armor even will stand up to most IUDs and some mines.
Main Gun. Can load anti-tank, anti-personnel, and even smoke rounds (no damage, place “Smoke” aspect on scene). Can fire once every 3 exchanges. On a hit, any minion-class target is Taken Out, including ordinary vehicles. Non-minions, such as superheroes, take a Consequence.

Physical Stress: ❑❑❑❑

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