Killer Robot

science-fiction-965257_1920Killer Robot

Description: Represents any type of robot that is deadly to humans but perhaps a tad less so to supers.

All Hail the Commander [Venom, whatever] – High Concept
Not the Sharpest Arrow in the Quiver – Trouble/Weakness
Armored Body
Built for Shock and Suppression
Hardened Electronics – Helps resist EMP weapons and certain attacks

+4: Shoot
+3: Athletics, Physique
+2: Provoke, Will

That Didn’t Hurt. You can ignore a mild or moderate consequence for the rest of the scene. It cannot be invoked against you nor compelled. However, due to severed and sparking wires, leaking battery, and draining hydraulic fluids, it comes back one step worse at the end of the scene. This usually results in the robot being destroyed since it can only take a mild or moderate consequence in the first place.

Choose one of the following.
Option 1. Heavy Shock Configuration. Grants armor:2. Weakness: Can’t turn head.
Option 2. Assault Configuration. Jump jets allow moving 2 zones for free instead of the normal 1. Can jump over obstacles less than one zone in size. Weakness: Jet fuel is explosive. When Taken Out it may explode, posing a hazard to any around it. (Treat as temporary aspect rather than direct damage.)
Option 3. Heavy Weapon Configuration. Massive gun can damage things normally immune to small arms fire (like tanks). Gains weapon:2 bonus against flesh and blood targets. Weakness: Long gun barrel tends to knock stuff over and get caught on things if it gets too close. Stupid robot.

Physical Stress: ❑❑❑❑
Mental Stress: ❑❑❑

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