Attack Helicopter

Attack Helicopter

Description: Modeled after AH-64 Apache helicopters used in the US Army and militaries of various countries around the world, this is the most powerful helicopter weapons system available to date.YAH-64_1982_01759-1_cr

Close Combat Assault Craft – High Concept
Only as Good as the Pilots – Trouble
Anti-Tank Missiles
30mm Chain gun

+4: Shoot (Pilot 1), Shoot (Pilot 2)
+3: Athletics, Notice
+2: Physique, Provoke

Night Operations. Advanced infrared and night optics allows this unit to function at night in full dark without penalty.
UAV. The Apache can control an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone). This allows them to spot enemies beyond normal line of sight. When the UAV is deployed, you can make Notice rolls for things you might not normally be able to see or target.
Rockets. Capable of delivering terrifying carnage, the rocket pods can attack all targets in a zone with a single die roll. This costs 1 Fate point.
Defense Systems. Advanced technology and armor greatly improves the Apache’s survivability and durability. Gain +2 to Athletics for defense actions when attacked by things at least 1 zone distant.

Anti-Tank Missiles. This Close Combat Attack vehicle is capable of attacking and damaging vehicles with Immunity to Small Arms (such as tanks).

Physical Stress: ❑❑❑

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