Alternate Origins for Ultras

While the powers of Ultras originate from alien manipulation of human DNA, this is not the only possible source of supernatural powers. People with abilities that do not originate from the Alien Agenda are also technically not Ultras.

Some few individuals that have powers are not from this world at all, but rather originate from another dimension. Where super powers are concerned, almost anything is possible. Therefore, every once in a while someone slips through the barrier between worlds and finds themselves in this one. There is also at least one megalomaniac world conquerer who’s modus operandi is to discover new worlds across dimensions and invade using super technology and enhanced, often engineered, beings with abilities that can resemble those of Ultras.

Others are imbued with magical abilities as a result of the leakage of mystic energy emanating from a certain hidden location in the northern hemisphere of the world. It may well be that magic was more prevalent in ages gone by for some of these individuals have learned to harness their newfound magics by studying ancient tomes and acquiring artifacts once thought magical but currently regarded as mundane archaeological artifacts.

Finally, a few brave souls aren’t Ultras, extra-dimensional beings, or users of powerful magics. These adventurous souls instead put modern technology to the best use they can manage to become their own kind of hero or villain.

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