Epilogue Session 25


The party split up from Rivanon and went up river directly to Uzec while she stayed behind to wait for several score reinforcements she hoped to march over the Eastern Ridge pass. Renée, the daughter of Vorn’s friend Captain du Triel, joined the party under Emmeline’s tutorage. After fighting a tumultuous battle against a goblinoid raiding party, the party eventually made its way all the way to Uzec where the Baron had already departed for Calder Keep. The party split again the next day with Emmeline, Elemix, and Renée heading for Cerisey and Typhon staying to help her wife Jocelyn (seen as half-way through a pregnancy) with the refugees and the wounded coming in from the north.


Monsignor Montjoy – Aarthine priest in Derrien who advised Typhon about Narek’s troubles.

Narek – Goblin follower of Aarith. Was at a monastery, but was called by some power north to home. Was returned by being knocked unconscious and carefully brought back to the monastery. Typhon opined that Narek could in theory lead them to the Goblin army.

Renée du Triel – Precocious and ambitious daughter of the du Triel family. Father a cavalier captain of the Phoenix Guard, Mother a ranger or scout of some kind with some alchemy ability. Failed twice to get into the Wizard’s Academy, then couldn’t get Vorn nor Elemix to take her in to apprentice. Eventually tried to be a lady-in-waiting, but grew bored quickly (and her father retrieved her). She convinced Emmeline to take her on as a scout, her first and best skillset, and help find a path forward. Likely still is crushing on Elemix a bit.

Giselle Aubrey Alix – Younger sister of Gillian Alexandrine Alix (Magus Alix) and the elder Alix’s personal scout, assistant, and spy. Alix let slip to Rivanon that Giselle admired Elemix (“perhaps a bit too much.”). Rivanon let Elemix know this right before they all had to leave.

Captain Sir Bronn – Distant cousin of Rivanon and currently stationed in Uzec while the Baron is away.

Amelie – Emmeline’s very pretty young Mistress of Robes and personal attendant. From a very prominent local family. Also talented dressmaker and budding courtier. Something about her is comforting and familiar to Emmeline and they look to be potentially good friends.

Mirel – Emmeline’s teen lady-in-waiting and caretaker of her horses. Also a decent dressmaker, good with boats, and very good with numbers and accounts. She is Emmeline’s cousin and they lived together for several years.

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