Epilogue Session 24


The party took care of business in Camaret, including banking, reporting the Wizard’s Guild, fighting a fire, and in Elemix, Emmeline, and Rivanon’s cases have strange dreams at the Shepherd’s Wand. In a break ing the winter storms of 488, they made their way north to Derrienport via a brief stop at a snowed-inn lodge.


Mahlala – Owner of theShepherd’s Wand

Magus Chalet – An elder abjuration wizard in Camaret. Heard rumors of method of cheating the gods and making actual healing magic available to wizards. Not simple healing like a bard (which evokes a god or power of some kind), but potentially significant power without such restrictions. He had some potential adventure to look for such power and was looking for companions.

Magus Arestes – Unseen necromancer that Magus Chalet cited as the source of said rumors.

Magus Jean-Claude Penné – Artificer with evocation skills. A family man, he tried to use an elemental to clean his roof of snow. It did not go well. Emmeline rescued him, his wife Lena, and child Jeanne.

Catherine LeBeau – Pregnant owner of the Inn LeBeau on the road from Cameret to Morgat. Her husband, Piet LeBeau, is a veteran soldier who went north to fight.

Hildy Fehrr – A halfling member of the Yeoman Marshals (i.e. the Saeisté Maör in Old Danaean), a group of rangers and volunteer wardens in the Old Periphery who scout for poachers, monsters, bandits, and have limited legal authority. They are few and far between these days, though there has been some debate on Thalassa sponsoring them. Renée’s mother is a member (only Typhon Né knows this so far).

Rhimay – A short human fighter of ill disposition who along with Tharkun tried to capture Typhon Né. He was released to run, pursued by Yeoman Hildy.

Tharkun – A dwarven bounty hunter. Fought the party and erred on caution instead of what Rhimay did. Likely will sell out Typhon Né at some point.

Willow – A light elf and apparently also a bounty hunter of a sort. She chose not to take on Elemix and Typhon. Likely distracted by Sevé. Took a liking to the party and told them of Magus Lothiel, a kinswoman elf, and her mission to the North.

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