Multi-Session Epilogue: From Storuvan to Camaret


And so it came to pass that the party journeyed first from Storuvan, to the Temple of the Dreigeist, to the Cave of Skarrifax the White, across the broken lands to the Hattani Gates and the ruins of Vahansarti, western capital of the Last Hattani Empire and resting place of Ashurbellkara and his Horde, eventually with sorcererous help transported back to a small farm in the Periphery outside Camaret.

Places & People

Storuvan: Rift Kingdom ruled by a hereditary matriarchy descended from Haalkhan the Conquerer. A strict caste-based culture where slavery is the norm, the city controls much of the trade from the east.

Thal: Gnomish manager of the Royal Unicorn, and inn and brothel near the West Market. Works for Herzog Bojec, a minister in the city government.

General Gustave: Leader in the Storuvan Army. Backed Emmeline’s plan to make peace with the Maelith refugees.

Magus Calar Tel: Storuvan sorcerer. Willing to teach Elemix – if he would join them and take their vows.

Matildë: Former Dreigeist Vala priestess. Responsible for briefly reuniting Typhon and his sister Thora. Died in doing so but raised by her fellow priestesses, but now powerless. Joined the Eterian Sorcerer Jon in seeking a new future.

Rosalinde: Vannessi former slave and courtesan. Freed by Mathildë at the request of Emmeline. Returned with the party to the Periphery.

Desmodia: Priestess of Tyaa of a sect that is not as militant as others the party has encountered. More of a druidess. Has become a leader of the refugees from Stava, a city in Maelith.

The Temple, The Mountain, and the Broken Lands: The Temple of the Dreigest is dedicated to the unity of the two Norvick gods and the Carian mother goddess. The temple itself is ancient, and may be of pre-Hattanian construction. It is carved into a spur of the southern of the two mountains that flank the Hattani Gates. Above that spur, higher on the mountain, is a Cave occupied by a white dragon. Beyond the mountain is a dangerous and broken land filled with monsters, bandits, barbarians, and giants.

Vala Gretchen: Motherly priestess at the Temple that raised Matildë and advised the party on their journey.

Skarrifax: White dragon and scion of the ancient wyrm Vercertürix, the Cold Drake of Matignon, slayer of the dwarven hero Khord. He slew another party seeking his treasure within the last five years, including a witch dedicated to some ancient being. This party carried an old wand that along with the broken Staff of Power Elemix carried roused the spirit of Ionnis Brennus (Jon).

Krugaar: Chief of a group of Ulaanbator barbarians. Killed in battle with Typhon Né.

Ermingarde: Tyaanite Priestess first encountered in the old Dwarven mines, raised, and then sent to track and destroy the party. Defeated and left for dead on the mountainside.

Ahrien Kellanor: Ancient elf who met with Typhon Né, asked her to act quickly on the Will of Khord, and offered to help those seeking to free Thora. He is unknown to the rest of the party.

The Ruin: At the heart of a hillock in the Hattani plateau

Ashurbellkara: Ancient evil king of the Hattani – possibly undead and possessing a huge army of thousands of undead soldiers. He was undisturbed by the party and remains in the sleep of death.

Belet: His primary wife and an undead guardian of his tomb.

Ionnis (Jon) Brennus: Ancient mage of the Order of High Sorcery. He seemed to have no knowledge of what his colleague Tuderic Draask did after Jon died. Once freed, helped the party to return to the Periphery.


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