A Voice from the Past

Elemix was dreaming. It was a pleasant dream. He was showing off his new tower, complete with newly buily outbuildings and the like to Baroness Rivanon and Magus Gillian – both of which were his close friends and on a first name basis. It was a good dream as each were completing with offers of power to have the right to be his wife. Others still were outside with gifts and offers. He was looking forward to Magus Oceané Calvet’s, who was next at the door. Sitting on the stairs and looking down at the two beauties, he was having a tough time choosing. “Beauty and magical power, versus beauty and temporal power? It is a hard decision to make,” a silky smooth masculine voice said in Eterian from behind him and slightly up the spiral staircase.

“Who are you,” said Elemix? The voice was unfamiliar to him. And where did it come from if this was his dream?

“I’m right behind you.” Looking around, the man was sitting on the stairs. He was dressed in a black tunic and cloak with his hair long and pulled back. He was older, perhaps in his early 50’s, but not showing any sign of going grey. The rest of the people in the dream disappeared. “I am John.”

Elemix turned. “Have we met? How did you get here in my dream?”

“We just did,” John replied. “As far as your other question, you brought me here – it is your dream after all.”

“That makes sense,” replied Elemix. “But why would I dream about you. No offense but they are much more appealing.” Elemix turned to face the ladies and only then realized they were gone.

Hey! “Where did they go?”

Elemix stirred a bit in his sleep. This had started as such a nice dream.

“No offense taken,” John replied nonchalantly. “Perhaps I’m a forgotten memory? An old friend? A teacher? I suppose none of those are familiar. You don’t happen to have an old staff, a wicked wand, or an odd artifact do you?”

“I did just aquire a wand,” said Elemix. All thoughts of the ladies disappeared as his focus changed.

“The wand is ancient Eterian. It belonged to the head of a group of sorcerers I think.”

As Elemix thought the wand materialized in his hand.

“Nice. Looks tough as well.” said John, “may I?” he added, gesturing to the wand.

“Why not,” replied Elemix? He mentally floated the wand over to John.

He was curious what this John would have to say about it.

“Thank you,” he said. Looking over the wand he said, “I know something you don’t know – which of course means you know something you don’t know you know.”

Elemix smiled. “I suppose so. I have spent so much time at study it’s possible I’ve forgotten some of what I learned. Though that isn’t like me.

So what is it that I know that I don’t know?”

“Well, it is fairly obvious that you have gathered a wide variety of artifacts from Old Eteria. I wonder what that many objects of ancient power brought together will bring?” mused John.

“You mean aside from fanatical tyanites bent on taking them for themselves so they can eventually use them to bring chaos to civilization,” returned Elemix.

“You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you?”

Elemix eyed him knowingly.

“Tyaanites? Sure, evil bitches they are. Always ruining someone’s day. But I was thinking more logical, not primal. I mean, you are near the Hattani Gates, the Demon’s Horns so to speak, when you sum it up you carry a great deal of power of ancient origin into a known place of ancient power. What do you think occurs?”

“Whose to say? Something of significance I should think,” returned Elemix. “It’s why we are going. To learn.”

He didn’t know who he was dealing with here. He was certain this John was not a manifestation of his mind.

Was this some influence connected to the wand? Was this the as yet unseen tyanite who bore a resemblance to Tuderic Drask? Was this some manifestation of the malevolent force that had attacked Emmilines mind and later his? Something else entirely?

“You said you knew something I haven’t recalled. What is it?”

“There…is…a price of course. There always is.” John smiled while not answering directly, “well,” he slapped his hands against his knees and then rose up to leave, “you look busy fantasizing about women of power. I’ll let myself out.”

“There is always a price to be paid for knowledge. Most don’t think of it in those terms but the fact remains. One thing before you go,” asked Elemix?

“Why did you come? We both know you are not part of my subconscious.”

What did John have to gain or lose in their success or failure? Why did he care, Elemix wondered.

“I’m guess you have not figured it out.” he said, looking up in a sense of wonder, then turning to Elemix he continued, “well you drew me here, and you will have to determine why on your own. But I will leave you with this. There is an old saying: Bere R’lhora hildako Gaztorak etxe lo zain. It is both and invitation and a warning from a long, long time ago – depending on your point of view. You can choose how you wish to interpret it.”

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