Sessions 17 & 18


(Nov 19th – Dec 28th, 447)

The party finished up their last days in Portreaux where Giselle had delivered Elemix to join them. After attending several social events, the party left for an inn “The Squirrel” where they took up their aliases. From there they took ship without incident aboard the Dawnstar and arrived a week later at Adera.

In Adera they went to the mercenaries guild and hired Ricimer, a half-Carian shieldman. Sister Typhon consulted with the Temple of Aarith in the city about her vision from St. Aria. River and Em got into their roles with enthusiasm, while Elemix kept things subdued as ‘Bob’. They heard rumor of refugees coming from the south east, possibly from Malith.

After leaving Adera, the party got into a couple of incidents in Estraisia. First they got into scuffle with an over-amorous bandit named Wulfa (Little Wolf), the second in command of the Wulfengang. When he seized River, he was killed by the hand of Ricimer (who knew he was worth money). Emmeline blamed herself, as did River.  Second they used the money Wulfa had to buy the freedom of a talented halfing mistrel, Rosie. All this put too much pressure on Emmeline and all the powers trying to track, find, or harm her hit at the same time. After a time of tension which drew all the party in (except maybe Ricimer), Emmeline recovered.

Leaving town, they were attacked by the Wolfengang, whom the party killed to a man, once scout – Ertenn – whom they freed as a warning to others.

At the village of Cahswig they learned (Emmeline through talking to the Malithii families) that some refugees were attacked by a rogue sorcerer (also a refugee). The party was pressed into service and managed to capture the mage, named Vasseck. He will be hung for his crimes assuming the refugees do not string him up early. The part also learned that these refugees fled before Stava was razed. Others were on their way.

All along the way, bands of refugees and migrants were encountered, some Carian, some Malithii, but all in trouble. The Duchy of Haran refused them entry, and due to prices, the party skipped them. A terrible freak storm almost engulfed the party before after a long slog through slush and snow, they reach and were admitted to the trading city of Storuvan.

In the city, the party rested and the Inn of the Royal Unicorn, an establishment where they found out shortly was also a brothel and high-class bathhouse…

The Winter Festival (The Gundarnickten) of the Great Gods Gond, Krag, and Ilmar is set to start soon, with the Konigin (Queen) of Storuvan and her court, including her high Herzog (Duke/Minister) and Zauberer (sorcerer) presiding over the three day festival. What this means for the PCs is unknown…




Guy, Comte de Portreaux – Ruler of Portreaux and step-son of Contessa Adela de Portreaux. A strong ruler, yet like his father and step mother has a reputation for a wandering eye for ladies of the court.

Joan, Contessa de Portreaux – His wife, a woman of poise and culture. Began a friendship with Sister Typhon Ne due in part to her unique perspective. Mother of Guy’s five children, Alexandrine, Guy the Younger, John, Jeanne, and Louise.

Marquis Pierre Guilloux, Baronet Darche – Married younger brother of Guy and step-son of Contessa Adela whom he has mixed feelings.

Baroness Marie de Guiren – Married younger sister of Guy and step-daughter of Contessa Adela whom she has mixed feelings

Lady Agnes – Sister of Guy, betrothed to Baron Luc de Faou and step-daughter of Contessa Adela whom she has a close relationship. Was not in-court to meet Emmeline

Lady Elianor Cuvier – Talkative courtier. Wife of a knight and former lady-in-waiting for Contessa Joan.

Lady Constansie LeCerf – Talkative courtier. Wife of a knight and former lady-in-waiting for Baroness Marie.

Madam Rosa – Dwarven innkeeper of “The Squirrel” in Portreaux.

Captain Renau – Captain and master of the “Dawnstar,” a merchant caravel.


Captain Adolphus of the Just – A Justicar currently in Adera. May be journeying south to investigate the Malith tragedies.

Mother Diasé – An Aarithine prophetess and seer who interpreted Typhon’s vision of St. Aria.

Ricimer – Shieldman of the Mercenaries Brotherhood. Hired by the party. Reports of Emmeline, protects Elemix, has no discernible morals, but does have honor.

Lance Lieutenant Mikaela Brunét – Dragoon of the Republican Legion assigned to Adera and the border forts. Met the party at the summer festival over six months before.


Rafu the Dwarf – Owner of the “Fox in the Ale House.”

Master Axur – A dwarven slaveholder and entertainer who once owned Rosie.

Rosie – A halfling born in the Brentine shore and sold into slavery to Axur who used he for his own pleasure and to make money. A simply beautiful, if broken, girl with a voice of gold, she was saved by the party and sent to Adera under the care of Sister Helene.

Sister Helene Paquin – An Aarithine priestess who helped the party to identify the influence of Haté and took Rosie into her custody.

Wulfa – Drunk bandit who got himself killed by Ricimer when he tried to force River to go with him.

The Wulfengang – Wulfa’s bandit group. All but one are now dead, killed by the party and turned in for the bounty.


Inga – Refugee from Stava, fled earlier this year.

Vasseck – Staven Sorcerer with a temper. Captured by the party and executed by the town.


Herzog Gustave Reinheld – Only heard of. Owner of the Royal Unicorn and a member of the Queen’s Court.

Thilo – Owner of Thilo’s Collectibles, a store and tea house.

Thal – Manager of the Royal Unicorn, a bathhouse. Thilo’s brother.

Diomira & Herta – Slave “Assistants” for Elemix and the Ricimer.

Rosalinde – Slave “Assistant” for Emmeline who is waiting for her in a new private room.

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