Epilogue: Sessions 14-16


The party splits in three, with Sister Jocelyn remaining in Uzec, Magus Elemix journeying to a conclave in Derrien, and the others going overland quickly to Portreaux after passing thru Derrien shortly after Elemix arrives.

Before that, Emmeline, Tiffanie and Rivanon were ambushed in the high pass near Arissey by one of the groups of bounty hunters seeking Tiffanie. While a close-run thing, the bounty hunters were defeated. Their leader, Signe, a priestess of the Twins and the Many, seemed to see the truth and with her group returned home to seek after the sister of Typhon-Né. She did warn that others, more terrible and less understanding, may continue the chase.

Escorted by Giselle, an ally of Magus Alix and possibly a member of one of the unnamed guilds (she did recognize and purchase the assassin’s blade – even though it turned out not to be one), Emmeline, Tiffanie, and Rivanon arrived with little fanfare at Portreaux where they met with Contessa Adela.


Giselle – Escorted the party to Portreaux. Young and full of energy, Giselle seemed to have won the trust of the party, both thru her confidence and thru Magus Alix’s recommendation. Upon leaving the party, she returned to meet Magus Elemix and his escort Tibault along the same overland backcountry route.

Signe – Snowmorian Priestess of the Two and the Many, and an expert hunter, she found and cornered the party. Defeated but not killed, she left to seek out Thora in exchange for her life and that of her allies.


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