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Characters of Thalassa

NamePC?DescriptionWhere EncounteredSession
Magus Elemix DungaroonYAppears like a young Obiwan Kenobi. 21 years old, bright green eyes, and wears a clean cut beard.Calder Falls1
Mademoiselle Emmeline de Cerisey, Maitresse in titre (Uzec)YEmmeline Mademoiselle Emmeline de Cerisey, Maitresse en titrê and witch. Called Mabrilith by Mara.Calder Falls1
Sister Typhon NéY6' tall blonde, green-eyed woman with a build like Red Sonja.Calder Falls1
Maryswenifahr, "Mara"NAppears as a child, young adult or elder with similar features as EmmelineCalder Falls1
Castellian Sir Johan AxineyNDeceasedCalder Falls1
Sir Etienne AxineyNSon of Sir Johan AxineyCalder Falls1
NigelNHireling warrior working for ElemeixCalder Falls1
Sir David GuillaumeNBaron Roland d'Uzec's senschalUzecSee Uzec detail
Baron Roland d’UzecN40-something gentleman soldier. "A widower, he is quite taken by Emmeline, and the people know it." He was broken-hearted about Emmeline leaving to travel (see epilog session 3.) Emmeline learned he had been married twice before (epilog session 4).Uzec2
Lady Rivanon d’UzecNLady Rivanon Maria d'Uzec: Daughter and Heir of Lord Roland d'Uzec. Member of the College of Seers. Member of the Thalassan Bar and Advocates Guild. Grand niece of the Duke of Derrien. Lady Rivanon Maria d'Uzec: Daughter and Heir of Lord Roland d'Uzec. Member of the College of Seers. Member of the Thalassan Bar and Advocates Guild. Grand niece of the Duke of Derrien.Thalassa2
AnaNRivanon's valet and cousin.UzecSee Uzec detail
Sir BrannNHead of the Baronial Guard.UzecSee Uzec detail
Constable Jules BencolinNHead of the Town Watch.UzecSee Uzec detail
Sir Kentigern d’Adera of House AuvreyNA skilled knight errant who tried to woo Typhon Ne but was also a conceited boorUzec2
Lance Lieutenant Mikaela BrunétNA female Thalassan officer who defeated Kentigern and won the tournament.Uzec2
Sister JocelynNHead priest of the Temple of Aarith in Uzec. Wife of Typhon Né.Uzec2
Rurrick the HunterNLeader of a ruthless band of adventurers who carelessly unleashed undead from the dwarven cairns.Uzec2
Raphael d’ArgentNLocal minstrel and organizer of the Summer Festival.Uzec2
Emeralda ClatheNDaughter of a local clothier. Good with adventurer’s clothing. Made new clothes, recut old clothes for Typhon.Uzec3
Kylie CobbNA cobbler. Made riding boots for Typhon Ne.Uzec3
Amelié and MiretNEmmeline’s ladies-in-waiting.UzecSee Uzec detail
BrinnicNCaptain of a bandit gang defeated by Emmeline and Elemix. Road S. of Uzec4
Aurryn (Remi) SilverleafNFormer scout and self-exiled member of the Silverleaf tribe of sylvan elves.Uzec3
Riok the ReeveNSteward that works for Emmeline. The planting of the Mother Tree has given him a new lease on life.Cerisey3
The Mother TreeNA remnant of a fey tree from long ago, planted as an acorn in the Cairn hills, and already growing. Only Emmeline knows that Mara, her patron, can project from the Otherworld to here directly. Aurryn does not know the name Mara, simply the Mother.Cerisey3
MorganNA mysterious woman, in her early 30s, wearling black. Ivory skin, cropped black hair, and amethyst eyes.Uzec3
Rahthain, Cole, and DruudNThe first group of bounty hunters encountered that were looking to find Typhon and cash in on the bounty.Uzec3
SimonNDerrienport merchant.Derrienport4
Master Henri d’EniacNThe Duke’s proctor who interviewed Elemix and Emmeline. After their discussions, he accepted the Baron’s actions, the party’s actions, and the reluctant adding of Emmeline de Cerisey to the ranks of the gentry.Derrien4
Magus Pascal TitusNA gruff wizard whom the locals fear. He is a loner, with only a few servants, farmhands, and a goblin valet. He is supposed to be an enchanter, and knows Master Vorn.Derrien4
Magus Gillian AlixNProtector of the Duke of Derrien, late 20s or early 30s. Derrien4
Tuderic DraaskNLong-dead legate and Imperial Sorcerer from 600 years ago. Present during the Azankull-Eterian War.Derrien4
Duke Gallien de Derrien and Duchess Jeanne De DerrienNRegents of the Duchy of Derrien, which includes Uzec. Derrien4
Yrwyn GraeNOwner of the Rusty KnifeDerrien5
Gosvinthea (Thea)NPriestess of Tyaa and convicted murderer. Derrien5
Gael BudocsonNCorrupt magistrate who helped Thea and Tuderic. Arrested.Derrien5
Petir, Aldo, Hennrie, and BrunoNFour thugs hired to help take out the party should it be necessary by the Messenger. Only Petir survived the battle, and having been honest with his answers upon questioning, he was hired as a short-term drover.Breven6
The MessengerNNot his actual name, but a servant, middle-man, or some relation to Thea’s Tyannite sect. He was well equipped with a magic gladius of Eterian make and a magic javelin of what may be Traskine manufacture like the aquilea. Breven6
The AssassinNThe Messenger’s partner/back-up, the assassin twice took out Elemix and nearly did the same to Jocelyn.Breven6
Magus Geoffrey CaronNBreven illusionist currently in charge of the Wizard’s Guildhouse. Friendly to Elemix and by extension the party. Helped with an illustionary box for the confrontation with the Messenger.Breven6
Madame Elinor la NouvelleNJocelyn’s mother and an important and prosperous merchant in Primel.Breven6
Khord BaradunNAncient dwarven warrior of Azenkuul whose body and axe were found a few years ago by Typhon Kné.Breven6
Dr. Brego Bruin & Baili Farkak-BruinNDwarven academics from Camaret (possibly born in the nearby Markhelm Colonies).Camaret7
Magus’ Ewan, Mazzey, & HervéNGuild wizards from Camaret.Camaret7
Sergé the FootmanNHired footman in ThalassaThalassa7
Paren DungaroonNFather of Elemix, Paren is an Academic at the Great Library with a specialty in ancient languages. He is fairly thin and average looking, but with a certain academic charm of his own.Thalassa8
Bella DungaroonNBella Lecaste Dungaroon: Elemix's wizard mother, Master magus candidate, associate guild master of the Apothecary's Guild, and member of the Merchant's Guild. Bella Lecaste Dungaroon: Elemix's wizard mother, Master magus candidate, associate guild master of the Apothecary's Guild, and member of the Merchant's Guild.Thalassa8
Brigitte & Baldwin RouannNElemix's cousin and her husband. Adventurers (bard and fighter), who collect and study military antiquities for the Great Library. Thalassa8
Contessa Adela de PortreauxNdowager stepmother of the current count of Portreaux, patron of the arts, former adventurer, and notorious libertine. She is a very popular personage in the Thalassan social scene among the new rich and merchant princes, touching upon even the military elite of the city. She has been taken with Emmeline, her granddaughter, and adopted her as her own daughter.Thalassa8
Monsignor Guglielmo de ChervilleNAarithine High Priest and Inquisitor looking into Typhon Né’s curse.Thalassa8
MimeuxNShe is a courtesan that was supposed to be a gift for Tiffanie in exchange for her modeling. She was murdered, brought back, and then paid service to the temple in Thalassa for a month before entering Contessa Adela's service.Thalassa9 and 10
KhiaNA courtesan hired to teach Emmeline in the techniques of loveThalassa9 and 10
AranNAdela's personal assistant.Thalassa9 and 10
AnaNBella’s housekeeper and the governess of of Roux and Pris.Thalassa9 and 10
Brother Taran of the JustNPreceptor of the Most Holy Order of Saint Aria the Just who recruited Tiffanie to the Justicars.Thalassa9 and 10
Magus Ewen LeCarréNProfessional diviner and magus.Thalassa11
Master Magus Philippe DuQuerqueNMaster diviner and Magus. Never met in person.Thalassa11
Banister, D’alors, and GuyautNHonorable Sergeants of the Just who graduated training with Tiffanie.Thalassa11
Phillip the FishmongerNTook the initiative to stock the Cerisey stream. Moved to Cerisey with his wife and family, save his eldest who stayed in Arresey with a new bride from Cerisey.Cerisey12 and 13
Sir Henri d’Arresey and Lady Mia d’ArreseyNVassals of Uzec, lords of ArreseyArreseay12 and 13
Sir Roman Lord de GamachéNVassal of Uzec, lord of GamachéGamaché12 and 13
Lady Lia de GamachéNWife of Sir Roman. Wife of Sir Roman, former paramour of Baron Roland, and newfound ally of Emmeline (and by extension Lady Rivanon).Gamaché12 and 13
Lady Amélie (Amee) de GamachéN18 year-old daughter of Sir Roman and Lady Lia, formerly was to be married to Sir Michael de Cerisey (deceased). Accepted as a Lady-in-Waiting for Lady Emmeline de Cerisey. Noble, well-read, with a knowledge of sewing, etiquette, local fashion, and some knowledge of household management.Gamaché, Uzec12 and 13
M’selle M’aurelle (Goldie) de GarinN15 year-old daughter of Emmeline’s uncle Mazarin. Only female blood relative on her father’s side of age to serve as a Lady-in-Waiting. Letter sent out by Emmeline to contact her father about that role. Gentlewoman-farmer, well-read, with a knowledge of farming, boating, sewing and significant knowledge of household management.Thalassa12 and 13
Rivere (The Man is the Broad-brimmed Hat)NRepresentative of the (Tyaanite?) group seeking the Aquila.Calder12 and 13
JemineyNYoung girl with Rivere who resembles a human reincarnation of Thea or at least is either related to her or is aware of what occured.Calder12 and 13
Narak the GoblinNOne of two goblins capture by the Baron’s men and persuaded to lead the party to the temple of Hate. Converted to Aarith, following Typhon NeCalder12 and 13
SigneNSnowmorian Priestess of the Two and the Many, and an expert hunter, she found and cornered the party. Defeated but not killed, she left to seek out Thora in exchange for her life and that of her allies.Uzec16
GiselleNEscorted the party to Portreaux. Young and full of energy, Giselle seemed to have won the trust of the party, both thru her confidence and thru Magus Alix’s recommendation.Derrien16
Guy, Comte de PortreauxNRuler of Portreaux and step-son of Contessa Adela de Portreaux. A strong ruler, yet like his father and step mother has a reputation for a wandering eye for ladies of the court.Portreaux17
Joan, Contessa de PortreauxNA woman of poise and culture. Began a friendship with Sister Typhon Ne due in part to her unique perspective. Mother of Guy’s five children, Alexandrine, Guy the Younger, John, Jeanne, and Louise.Portreaux17
Marquis Pierre Guilloux, Baronet DarcheNMarried younger brother of Guy and step-son of Contessa Adela for whom he has mixed feelings.Portreaux17
Baroness Marie de GuirenNMarried younger sister of Guy and step-daughter of Contessa Adela for whom she has mixed feelingsPortreaux17
Lady AgnesNSister of Guy, betrothed to Baron Luc de Faou and step-daughter of Contessa Adela whom she has a close relationship. Was not in-court to meet EmmelinePortreaux17
Lady Elianor CuvierNTalkative courtier. Wife of a knight and former lady-in-waiting for Contessa Joan.Portreaux17
Lady Constansie LeCerfNTalkative courtier. Wife of a knight and former lady-in-waiting for Baroness Marie.Portreaux17
Madam RosaNInnkeeper of "The Squirrel"Portreaux17
Captain RenauNCaptain of the Dawn StarPortreaux17
Captain Adolphus of the JustNA Justicar currently in Adera. May be journeying south to investigate the Malith tragedies.Adera17
Mother DiaséNAn Aarithine prophetess and seer who interpreted Typhon’s vision of St. Aria.Adera17
RicimerNShieldman of the Mercenaries Brotherhood. Hired by the party. Reports to Emmeline, protects Elemix, has no discernible morals, but does have honor.Adera17
Lance Lieutenant Mikaela BrunétNDragoon of the Republican Legion assigned to Adera and the border forts. Met the party at the summer festival over six months before.Adera17
Rafu the Dwarf NOwns "Fox in the Alehouse"Estrasia17
Master AxurNA dwarf slave master. Once owned Rosie.Estrasia17
RosieNA halfling born in the Brentine shore and sold into slavery to Axur who used he for his own pleasure and to make money. A simply beautiful, if broken, girl with a voice of gold, she was saved by the party and sent to Adera under the care of Sister Helene.Estrasia17
Sister Helene PaquinNAn Aarithine priestess who helped the party to identify the influence of Haté and took Rosie into her custody.Estrasia18
WulfaNDrunk bandit who got himself killed by Ricimer when he tried to force River to go with him.Estrasia17
The WulfengangNWulfa’s bandit group. All but one are now dead, killed by the party and turned in for the bounty.Estrasia18
IngaNRefugee from Stava, fled earlier this year.Cahswig18
VassekNStaven Sorcerer with a temper. Captured by the party and executed by the town.Cahswig18
Herzog Gustave ReinheldNKnown to be the owner of the Royal Unicorn and a member of the Queen’s Court.Storuvan18
ThiloNOwner of Thilo’s Collectibles, a store and tea house.Storuvan18
ThalN Manager of the Royal Unicorn, a bathhouse. Thilo’s brother.Storuvan18
Diomira & HertaN"Attendants" used by Ricimer.Storuvan18
ThalNGnomish manager of the Royal Unicorn, and inn and brothel near the West Market. Works for Herzog Bojec, a minister in the city government.Storuvan19, 20, 21
General GustaveNLeader in the Storuvan Army. Backed Emmeline’s plan to make peace with the Maelith refugees.Storuvan19, 20, 21
RosalindeNVannessi former slave and courtesan. Freed by Mathildë at the request of Emmeline. Returned with the party to the Periphery.Storuvan18
Magus Calar TelNStoruvan sorcerer. Willing to teach Elemix – if he would join them and take their vows.Storuvan19, 20, 21
DesmodiaNPriestess of Tyaa of a sect that is not as militant as others the party has encountered. More of a druidess. Has become a leader of the refugees from Stava, a city in Maelith.Storuvan19, 20, 21
Ducard a.k.a. RicimerNDisguised as a shieldman, worked for someone else...Adera19, 20, 21
MatildëNFormer Dreigeist Vala priestess. Responsible for briefly reuniting Typhon and his sister Thora. Died in doing so but raised by her fellow priestesses, but now powerless. Joined the Eterian Sorcerer Jon in seeking a new future.Storuvan19, 20, 21
Vala GretchenNMotherly priestess at the Temple that raised Matildë and advised the party on their journey.Temple of Dreigest19, 20, 21
ScarrifaxNWhite dragon and scion of the ancient wyrm Vercertürix, the Cold Drake of Matignon, slayer of the dwarven hero Khord. He slew another party seeking his treasure within the last five years, including a witch dedicated to some ancient being. This party carried an old wand that along with the broken Staff of Power Elemix carried roused the spirit of Ionnis Brennus (Jon).Ice Cave above the Temple19, 20, 21
Jon (Ionis Brennis)NAncient mage of the Order of High Sorcery. He seemed to have no knowledge of what his colleague Tuderic Draask did after Jon died. Once freed, helped the party to return to the Periphery.The Ruin19, 20, 21
KrugaarNChief of a group of Ulaanbator barbarians. Killed in battle with Typhon Né.The Broken Lands19, 20, 21
ErmindgardeNTyaanite Priestess first encountered in the old Dwarven mines, raised, and then sent to track and destroy the party. Defeated and left for dead on the mountainside.The Broken Lands19, 20, 21
Ahrien KellanorNAncient elf who met with Typhon Né, asked her to act quickly on the Will of Khord, and offered to help those seeking to free Thora. He is unknown to the rest of the party.The Broken Lands19, 20, 21
AshurbellkaraNAncient evil king of the Hattani – possibly undead and possessing a huge army of thousands of undead soldiers. He was undisturbed by the party and remains in the sleep of death.The Ruin19, 20, 21
BeletNPrimary wife of Ashur and guardian of his tomb.The Ruin19, 20, 21
MahlalaNOwner of the Shepherd’s WandCamaret24
Magus ChaletN An elder abjuration wizard in Camaret. Heard rumors of method of cheating the gods and making actual healing magic available to wizards.Camaret24
Magus ArestusNUnseen necromancer that Magus Chalet cited as the source of said rumors.Camaret24
Magus Jean-Claude PennéNArtificer with evocation skills. A family man, he tried to use an elemental to clean his roof of snow. It did not go well. Emmeline rescued him, his wife Lena, and child Jeanne.Camaret24
Catherine LeBeauNPregnant owner of the Inn LeBeau on the road from Cameret to Morgat. Her husband, Piet LeBeau, is a veteran soldier who went north to fight.Camaret24
Hildy FehrrNA halfling member of the Yeoman Marshals (i.e. the Saeisté Maör in Old Danaean), a group of rangers and volunteer wardens in the Old Periphery who scout for poachers, monsters, bandits, and have limited legal authority.Camaret24
RhimayNA short human fighter of ill disposition who along with Tharkun tried to capture Typhon Né. He was released to run, pursued by Yeoman Hildy.Camaret24
TharkunNA dwarven bounty hunter. Fought the party and erred on caution instead of what Rhimay did. Likely will sell out Typhon Né at some point.Camaret24
WillowNA light elf and apparently also a bounty hunter of a sort. She chose not to take on Elemix and Typhon. Likely distracted by Sevé. Took a liking to the party and told them of Magus Lothiel, a kinswoman elf, and her mission to the North.Camaret24
Monsignor MontjoyNAarthine priest in Derrien who advised Typhon about Narek’s troubles.Derrien25
NarekNGoblin follower of Aarith. Was at a monastery, but was called by some power north to home. Was returned by being knocked unconscious and carefully brought back to the monastery. Typhon opined that Narek could in theory lead them to the Goblin army.Derrien25
Renée du TrielNPrecocious and ambitious daughter of the du Triel family. She convinced Emmeline to take her on as a scout, her first and best skillset, and help find a path forward. Likely still is crushing on Elemix a bit.Derrien25
Giselle Aubrey AlixNYounger sister of Gillian Alexandrine Alix (Magus Alix) and the elder Alix’s personal scout, assistant, and spy. Alix let slip to Rivanon that Giselle admired Elemix (“perhaps a bit too much.”). Derrien25
Captain Sir BronnNDistant cousin of Rivanon and currently stationed in Uzec while the Baron is away.Uzec25
Amelie of GamachéNEmmeline’s very pretty young Mistress of Robes and personal attendant. From a very prominent local family. Also talented dressmaker and budding courtier. Something about her is comforting and familiar to Emmeline and they look to be potentially good friends.Uzec25
MirelNEmmeline’s teen lady-in-waiting and caretaker of her horses. Also a decent dressmaker, good with boats, and very good with numbers and accounts. She is Emmeline’s cousin and they lived together for several years.Uzec25
Hugo the DisinheritedNThe treacherous son of the Duke of DerrienUzecCoup in Derrien
SkallNA magic user that made a deal with Hate for power. UzecCoup in Derrien
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