The Derrien Conclave of 447 (Part 2)

With that dinner was called and Elemix ended up sitting near Vorn and Xavier, who carried on conversations. Vorn explained his plan to journey south. He and some old friends (as well as new ones) planned an adventure into the Southern Taurian Wilderness searching for some ancient Silurian outpost. Xavier’s winter was focused on early research on creating a mechanica, a steam-powered golum supposedly created by ancient gnomes. Neither had any problem with Elemix’s mission or goals, at least over dinner.

The next day the conclave began in earnest.

The first subject of the day was subject of discussions of forming a Mage’s Tribunal in the North, centering on Derrien. This would mean breaking away from the Breven Tribunal and forming their own.

As Alix explained, the Breven tribunal had become too cumbersome and bureaucratic. She proposed it be split in three pieces: Derrien (from Faou to Guisseny), Renan (from Renan north to Crozan and east to Tananbec), with Breven keeping the deeply populated region from Morgat to Portreaux. No one of the conclave disagreed save Magus Calvet, who feared a seperation may dilute magical resources, but conceded that should Derrien build a Wizard’s Guild Tower, it would be closer for her, albeit slightly.

Elemix was in agreement that the formation of a northern tribunal seems warranted. Especially if population continues to grow as it has.

After much discussion, but no heated arguments, it was agreed to build a Wizard’s Tower and ask the Guild to pay for half the costs – which should be possible. For the rest, the Duke would donate land and 25% of the cost. Long-term maintenance would be raised from taxes a nearby village and farmsteads. The members would contribute what they could for the remaining 25%. Magus Calvet suggests up to 10% of one’s wealth, with a minimum of 500 gold and maximum of 2500 gold. Magus Alix seconds that. After many negotiations and side conversations…

  • Magus Max scoffs at that but eventually relents, funding the full 2500, plus offering labor through a few merchant acquaintances he knows.
  • Xavier volunteers his time to help build defenses and get significant discounts for equipment, plus 500.
  • Magus Calvet pays the full 2500, buying in immediately.
  • Magus Alix does the same and volunteers to supervise the construction, allowing the other wizards to continue their business. She will also spend the time building Guard & Wards in critical areas.
  • Magus Titus says he can pay 200 now, with 800 after winter.
  • Magus Vorn says all his money is caught up in an expedition; but like Titus, he can pay 200 now, with 300 after winter – possibly more, maybe.
  • Magus Sigolene demands the tower be a simple affair. Nothing ostentatious. There is some grumbling, but eventually her point is carried. She donates 500, plus volunteers to journey to Breven and Thalassa to state the case for the group on her own expense and time.
  • Magus Skøna can get stoneworkers cheap and has leverage with the Masons Guild, which will cut costs tremendously. She also donates 100 now, and up to 900 when the agreement is signed.
  • Magus Raoult has many irons in the fire. He can give 100 now and 400 or more after winter.
  • Magus Lothiel does not have money, but she agrees this is important, reluctantly. Instead she offers to supply the tower with wine, elven water, and use her powers to significantly improve the village’s harvest, bringing in far more money in taxes.
  • Master Tibault says that he will set up an expanded Redcap service with riders and a pinnace in Breven on standby. Plus messenger doves will be available for all. This is of course if the greater Guild agrees.
  • Magus Elemix states that he is very new to the area and as such he does not have leverage or local contacts he could call on for assistance of a useful nature in this endeavor. He also has very limited funds having just invested a significant amount in a property near Uzec. He can however offer 200 gold now and is confident he can outfit the tower with an alchemy lab in a few months time. He may be able to offer more after his current expedition to the East.
    Elemix adds that the tower should be defended by the guild.

Magus Elemix’s donation is accepted by all the others without comment save for Magus Titus who offers to donate a starter set of supplies to go with Elemix’s donated equipment.

Magus Alix then motions that any Wizards, as per the Guild’s Rule, will be allowed to visit, and will be welcome to join as brothers and sisters of the Guild, but this coterie will be recorded as founders of the Tower and its first circle, and should it be approved, the governing house of the Tribunal of the North.

Magus Vorn seconds.

Magus Max offers a counter motion that Alix’s motion be amended to allow visitors and whatnot, but anyone who wishes to be invited into the Tribunal of the North and use its facilities on a more regular basis must also buy into the Tower as a token of good faith, with a similar 500gp investment.

Magus Calvet seconds.

Magus Sigolene says if such a rule is adopted as per Magus Max, she will withdraw from these negotiations, stating, “we are not sorcerous elites. We are all instruments of order and knowledge. All who pay their dues to the Guild in good faith shall be welcome to use the facilities, as per Breven.

Magus Raoult concurs.

Alix calls for a vote on the amendment. She starts with Magus Titus who reluctantly votes for the amendment stating if the Guild supported this project fully, he would of course vote the other way.

Elemix agrees with the amendment and with Magus Titus should the guild all green to cover more. After all he says we would not be barring access to the tower and it’s resources for fellow guild members. But those who wish to become a part of the tribunal and use the facilities resources on a regular and consistent basis, cases which will likely be quite rare, should contribute the same minimum buy in. The funds could be used to expand the tower or add additional amenities for the benefit of all.

Magus Xavier offered an additional amendment to the amendment, stating that should the tribunal choose to wave the buy-in for a capable and well-meaning wizard, they could do so if 2/3 of the tribunal membership agreed to do so. He asked if Magus Sigolene would accept that and remain in the Tribunal.

She nodded that it is acceptable, as long at the Wizard’s Rule is kept and hospitality shown to all. Magus Max is somewhat annoyed, but after a short burst of discussion and outright arguement agrees.

Master Tibault noted that individual tribunals all must obey the Wizard’s Rule in any event. Should the Guild choose to simply fund this endeavor in the future if the Tribunal grew large enough to warrant such an action, then the buy-in would be unnecessary, but for now, such a thing is not unusual.

A compromise is therefore reached, barring any objections.

Magus Elemix agrees on the 2/3 amendment as it seems a reasonable compromise.

Magus Alix notes Magus Elemix’s point on guardians. It is unlikely any of the Companion Guard would volunteer to come up here, but she will try to recruit one or two in any event. If successful, that person would recruit men-at-arms as needed to defend the Tower. She will also work with Xavier on the defenses. No one seems to have a problem with this.

Lastly, Lady Alix asks for nominations for the office of Tribune, who would maintain the Tower and represent the Tribunal before the Great Council. In effect the chairperson and first speaker of the Tribunal.

Elemix nominates Magus Alix. She has called this group together. She has recommended the creation of a tower and has made it possible to do so with respect to the Duke and siphoning of taxes etc. She should by all rights have the honor of the position.

In addition,  he recommends it be limited in its term to a period of one year. Each year thereafter another meeting shall be called to elect a new Tribune. No one should hold the office for a consecutive two year period. But barring that restriction all members of the tribunal of the north should have an equal vote. In the case of a tie the vote should be decided by the existing tribune.

Magus Raoult seconds. No other nominations come forth save for Magus Sigolene nominating Magus Lothiel as a fairly neutral party. She declines. Magus Max nominates himself. No one seconds. He withdraws the nomination.

Most of the wizards save Calvet, and Max grumble at the idea of having to serve as Tribune if Alix quits after a year. Even Xavier has no interest.

Instead, Magus Xavier offers a simple rule as an alternative to Magus Elemix’s election rule. He proposes that as there are few wizards in the tribunal, the Tribune should first serve a single year, but in the interest of stability if they are doing a good job that the yearly re-election be waved if two-thirds of the Tribunal agree. Otherwise nominations will be taken and an election scheduled with the incumbent able to continue their role should they be re-elected. Conversely, two-thirds can force an election early in a vote of no-confidence, wherein the Tribune must step down immediately and cannot run again for a year. Vorn nods (more so that he won’t have to waste his time Elemix thinks).

He asks if that will work for Magus Elemix?

Elemix agrees. His point is to ensure that others in the tribunal should they wish to serve, have the opportunity to do so via a vote on an annual basis.

The motion passes. Magus Alix humbly agrees to take on the role of Tribune once the Tribunal is approved by the Wizard’s Guild, meanwhile she and Magus Sigolene will journey to Breven and then Thalassa to plead the case. With that she adjourns the morning session. After a lunch, the second session begins. Alix opens the session asking about the threat of the goblinoid attacks. As Magus Elemix during his apprentice trial first encountered them in the Calder Valley early this summer, she invites him to speak first.

Magus Elemix recounts everything that happened on his apprentice trial, including the discovery of the Tianites and the Aquila though he doesn’t go into detail on those just yet and focuses instead merely on his encounters with goblins. He also discusses the much more recent goblinoid attacks he was involved in dealing with near Uzec, making sure to thank Magus Vorn for the fireball spell which he has put to frequent use.

Elemix was sure to include the bravery of Sister Tifane of the Just, Sister Jocelyn, as well as Apprentice Witch Emmiline Di Cerisy in his accounts, though his focus was more on the facts of the matters than on talking up himself and his friends. He figured Magus Alix, Vorn, and others would appreciate that.

Elemix assumed there were those in the room that had likely had much more experience with such matters than he, and would find anything less than a factual account as vain or grandiose. That, and he didn’t have a great skill at speaking like Emmiline had, and this wasn’t an opportunity to practice – not with this crowd.

He alsospoke to what he had learned from the Baron’s encounters with goblinoids, and substantiated rumors of goblin and hobgoblin attacks he had heard about.

Magus Sigolene and Magus Skøna recount the hobgoblin bandits of this summer, and their brazen attack of hundred of hobgoblins on a caravan near Faou. They will note the death of several honored knights, many guards, and many villagers. They and the Baron of Faou scattered the survivors, but could not hunt them all down. They were after loot primarily. Some food attacks, but that could be foraging.

Magus Max had heard of the attacks but 25 years ago the same thing happened. He notes that last winter was a harsh one. It simply could be the result of the previous winter forcing them south.

Magus Xavier knows little of the attacks as none have been seen in Commana on along the ridge nearby. Magus Calvet concurs, but notes a few ogres are though the be there, but they trouble no one.

Magus Titus notes that the goblins would not raid this far south without reason, and loot is not a good enough reason. They must be prodded by circumstances, an ambitious hobgoblin, or perhaps on purpose, noting that Magus Elemix found a Tyaanite employing goblins north of the Falls.

Magus Alix notes those same Tyaanites were found and killed here in Derrien. She also notes that there were no goblins here, nor did Magi Sigolene or Skøna encounter any. It could be a coincidence.

Magus Lothiel says that goblins, being descended from the Unseelie, may be attracted to the events surrounding the Cairn Hills. Magus Vorn rejects this as the Cairn Hills events were a separate matter that occured after the goblins attacked in Uzec and also after the hobgoblin sightings near Faou. She does add that few goblins of any kind have been spotted in the western mountains. But they are there.

Magus Raoult says while they have their troubles the west, he concurs with Magus Lothiel.

Magus Alix offers that she has see the report of the Baron of Uzec via his hearld, Lady Rivanon d’Uzec. She reports that scouts have confirmed goblins massing in the plateau on the far side of the Azenkuul peaks. Several hundred so far, with more joining every day. The Baron, with help from the Duke, is preparing to meet this attack should it occur. But there is no guarantee where they will go.

Magus Alix notes that many of this group have plans already in motion. She asks for a volunteer from those who do not have such or can delay them to meet with the Baron’s scouts and then reconnoiter the high plateau to understand the situation better. Magus Lothiel volunteers to do so and asks Magus Elemix to discuss next steps after dinner.

Elemix will add to Magus Alix comments that although some of the Tyaanites were found and killed in Derrien. Not all were as they continued to plague his group via their hired assassin all the way into Thalassa. Luckily Magus Bella Dungaruun was with Elemix and Apprentice Witch Emmiline when the assassin struck in Thalassa or Elemix would likely not be having this conversation. Even then, it was a close call. Whoever the assassin was working for is still out there.

Also, the essence of the female Tyaanite that was killed in Derrien transferred into a ring which we kept and gave to sister Jocelyn for safekeeping. We thought it a safe precaution because they have the ability to reincarnate important members of their organization. A few months later we learned her spirit had left the ring, but we knew not if she had gone to oblivion, or as now appears to be the case, she was in fact reincarnated.

A short time ago while resting in Calder Falls keep I was visited by a man who wanted the Aquila. He knew of all the encounters we have had with the Tyaanites or their hirelings over the matter and very interestingly he had a young girl with him who had a sinister appearance and a strong resemblance to the Tyaanite priestess that was killed in Derrian. I believe she was quite possibly the Tyaanite priestess reincarnated. The priestess and I never got along really and I could see it in the young girls face. Unfortunately they escaped before we were able to deal with them, but I fear we have not seen the last of them or there fanatical group as I am certain I was tracked to Derrien.

In short I do not know why the goblinoids are being so aggressive, and I do not know if they are truly in league with the Tyannites, but I know the Tyannites are still out there and they want the Aquila and likely by death badly. Someone I think is either organizing and leading the hobgoblins or pushing them out of their territory.

Magus Elemix will discuss with Magus Lothiel after dinner as requested.

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