From Friendship to Courtship

At Uzec’s Temple of Aarith, Jocelyn and Typhon (Tiffanie) walked together in the garden. The trees leaves were brilliantly colored and the air nice and cool. Taking a bench together, Jocelyn looked at Typhon and said, “my friend, I believe an act of evil, hatred toward someone long, long gone has rebounded into an accidental good. A good I have prayed upon every day and every night since our discussion in the Temple
Apartment’s kitchen. The day you turned from temptation and took a different road. Now, after you told me what the His Holiness the Patriarch said to you in you initiation, everything makes sense. If it is your wish, we can ask the Bishop for permission to court.”

Typhon took Jocelyn’s hand in hers, “My heart tells me ‘yes, this is the right thing to do’. Do you think that the Bishop will allow us to go forward with this? I am not sure on how to go about courting, it is an unfamiliar thing to me.”

Jocelyn smiled, “In the Temple, courting and marriage must be fairly formal. Ideally such things are for all, but only gentle persons and the nobility do so with any formality. For the common folk it is somewhat looser of a standard. The first step is for you to gain permission to court me, meaning to get formal endorsement get to know each other more, spend time together, and the like. Given our recent history, the time here can be shortened. The people you would need to gain permission from is the Bishop – for the Temple, and my mother – whom you met. My eldest brother could also have a bit of a say. Now, as far as the Bishop is concerned, we can make that plea together in Derrien. My mother on the other hand must be you alone. I think the Bishop understands the situation enough.”

“It’s good you believe the Bishop will understand,” Typhon said. “But I am feeling a little nervous to talk to your mother about it. Seeing as I am currently a woman asking to court her daughter.”

Typhon kissed the back of Jocelyn’s hand. “I guess we should make the most of the time I have while in Uzec to get to know each other better.”, Typhon said with a smile.

She blushed a bit as she smiled back, “We cannot do anything, well, of an intimate nature until the Bishop and my mother approve. But,” she held Typhon’s hand as they began to walk, “tell me of your dreams Typhon. I know what you wish to do, but what is your plan to do afterwards?”

“Well to be honest Jocelyn,” Typhon replied. “I have been thinking too much on what I need to do in order to get things done, that it hasn’t crossed my mind. Before I was exiled and while my family still lived, I would be concerned with raiding, the hunt, and eventually finding a wife and having children. And at some point, I would have fought to prove myself if I wanted to lead the clan.

“Now that I have become one of the Just, and currently being a woman, that can not happen. I feel that I have found my place, being able to bring vengeance to those who can’t do so for themselves. I do know, that what ever my future dreams are, I want you to be in them with me,” Typhon said with a smile.

She nodded, “I would like that as well. Frankly my sweet, the last six months have been a whirlwind. So much so that all else is nearly forgotten save family, duty and you. The Baron has given me an opportunity to build a presence for Aarith and the Temple north of the Falls. I want you to be a part of that. I want you to have a home you can return to. A place you can help build and call your own.”

“I would like that very much,” Typhon said with a smile. “Other than building a presence for Aarith. What dreams do you have, my love?”

“Love?” she said quizzically. “Yes, that is what I feel. It is hard to know it without ever having felt it before. I have always dedicated myself to the temple, it is hard to think of dreams that do not include that life – until now. Children perhaps, maybe. But I do want to expand His word to places where it has never been heard. I feel that together, we can right the wrongs that evil brings to this life
and give the gift of peace, life, and knowledge.”

“I will follow your lead on this, and help in anyway that I can,” Typhon replied.

They continued to walk through the garden hand in hand, when Typhon asked, “When would you like to go visit the Bishop to ask permission to court each other?”

“Yes. Let us go soon. What are your plans in the next few days?” she responded.

“I was going to give the others a day to relax, before I found out what our plans are,” Typhon said. “See how long we plan to stay in the area before we head east. I’m sure I won’t be missed for a few days. When
should I visit your mother?”

“Mother may be here in about 10 days. She was not sure. She was planning on meeting the Baron’s factor concerning mining supplies. A letter from you, might convince he go go herself.” she replied.

“Ok then, let me go and write this letter and get it sent off,” Typhon said. “Is there anything I should say, or just go for blunt and honest?”

“Be honest, but not blunt. Invite her to talk to you about it. She is still somewhat confused about the whole thing, but accepts my decision. She will likely ask you, why you do not accept the change versus me, but that does not have to be in the letter.” she replied.

“Well I think it is time for me to send out a letter,” Typhon said. “Would you like to join me while write this?”

(The letter)

Dear Madame Elinor la Nouvelle,

I, Typhon Ni’, wish to invite you to Uzec so that I may ask you for permission to court your daughter.

While I have traveled with Jocelyn, I have come to respect her judgement. I must say that due to my nature, she has a calming effect to balance out my rage. And through my time spent with her, I have started to have feelings for her.

I wish to talk to you in person about this, for this is the honorable thing to do.

Yours truly,
Typhon Ni’

Jocelyn edited a bit and said, “What about this…”

To the Honorable Mistress of the Primel Merchant’s Guild, Madame Elinor la Nouvelle,

In the name of Aarith the Wise, and with his many blessings I great you. I, Sergeant Typhon Ni, Member in Good Standing of the Sacred Order of St. Aria the Just, do invite you most humbly to join me in the town of Uzec. With your blessing and that of the Holy Temple, I entreat you to open negotiations with your humble servant on a matter most dear to my heart, your blessing of my courtship of your daughter, the Sister Jocelyn of the Temple of Aarith, High Priest in Uzec.

While I have traveled with Sister Jocelyn, I have come to respect her judgement and have developed feelings for her. Her gentle nature calms my inner rage, and gives be balance to effect the will of Aarith in all things. As you are well aware, our stories are intertwined and complex, but with Aarith’s help, I wish to talk to you in person about the aforementioned courtship, for this is the honorable thing to do.

Yours truly,
Sister Typhon Ni, Sergent of the Order of St. Aria the Just.

“What do you think?” asked Jocelyn.

“I think it is wonderful, and I think you should have wrote it from the start,” Typhon said with a smile. “Now lets go send this off, and plan our trip to see the Bishop.”

They both left the garden together to hunt down a blue cap to send off the letter to Jocelyn’s mother.

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