Letter to the group from Elemix

To: Lady Rivanon De Uzec, Witch Emmiline De Cerecy, & Sister Tifane of the Order of the Just.

I have been called to a Wizards Conclave in Derrian. It will likely take the better part of a week. As such, I do not wish to hold up your travels. Please proceed on to Portreaux and I shall meet you there at the Contessa estate as soon as I am able. I estimate travel there should take roughly 3 weeks so please look for my arrival in roughly 1 month.

Be ever vigilant. There are enemies about as we have been so sternly warned. I carry the Aquila with me, primarily because one of the topics of the conclave is the Aquila. It is quite possible we will learn more about it from a fellow wizard here. I know it is dangerous for me to carry this alone, so I intend to travel by the safest means possible.

Though there are those that have been scrying on the aquila, and they likely will do so again, I plan to travel in common clothing so as to better blend in and not make it so apparent and easy to track me. I will also be hiring some guards for added protection. It is my hope that we will effectively blend in as much as possible.

I will do all I can to remain safe, please do so as well. Though I hold the Aquila, your association and dealings with this group in the past place you in danger as well.

Safe travels. Until we meet again my friends.

-Magus Elemix Dungaruun.

One thought on “Letter to the group from Elemix”

  1. When Emmeline received the letter, she was saddened to realize she had missed the chance to see Elemix off. She’d probably have tried to talk him out of going alone, guards or no. He probably had guessed that, however, and so decided to leave a note instead. She wondered if he knew she would be stopping to see Magus Alix on the way through Derrien, as she had promised. She suspected he didn’t.

    She wrote the following and hoped the letter might follow him and arrive in Derrien before they did.

    My Dear Cousin Magus Elemix,

    Please journey safely. Abandoning your wizard robes I know runs against your nature, but I’m glad you will be doing so for the sake of eluding these Tyaanites. I must trust that so many wizards together in one place will deter any likely attack.

    There is no need to worry about us. Rest assured we have ways of making it very, very expensive for bounty hunters, villains, and Tyaanites to bother us or continue to track us.

    I will be stopping in to see Magus Alix on my way south, as I had promised her. It’s possible we may bump into each other briefly at that time.

    Take care, cousin.


    Emmeline, Witch of Cerisey

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