Letter from Contessa Adela de Portreaux

My Dear Daughter and Grandson,

I hope you are well and look forward to your visit. I am writing to inform you that I have arrived in Portreaux. I also have the most wonderful news. A former paramour of mine, whom I was finishing up some sad business with; has changed his tune and asked me to marry him after all these years of estrangement. As dowager Contessa, I must of course get my stepson’s permission, but I doubt that will be an issue. It is a wondrous day! When you arrive, I shall introduce you to Count Robert Valois-Dinan, a younger son of a sub-branch of the Dinan royal house, but regardless a good man whom I had thought was lost to me.

Until we meet again,

Your mother and grandmother,

Contessa Adela de Portreaux, soon to be
Contessa Adela de Valois-Dinan né Portreaux.

Delighted with the news, Emmeline sat down to compose a reply. She wondered if it was possible that the Count’s change of heart might have had something to do with the curse lifting from her family. There was no way to prove that of course, but she felt in her heart that it just might have.

She wrote,

Dear Contessa Adela de Portreaux,

Or Contessa de Valois-Dinan né Portreaux as the case may be, or as I might prefer, Ma Mére!

I am very happy to hear the news of your engagement, and very much look forward to meeting Count Valois-Dinan. Time with you in Thalassa was too brief!

Here in Uzec, we continue to prepare for our expedition and plans to stop to see you are still very much in place. Events here have been dramatic, dangerous, exciting, and amazing all at the same time! In brief, your grandson and I have been able to shatter a hobgoblin raid and save locals from execution at their hands and lay an ancient wrong to rest, seal away an ancient evil, and remove a curse upon a family stretching back a dozen generations! More personally, the Baron made my position with him official as Maitressé en titre. This has allowed me to name ladies in waiting to aid me while I am home in Uzec. I have sent an invitation to Mazarin. If he allows, then my cousin M’aurelle will join as one of my ladies in the spring. I will also say that when I return from the expedition in the spring, there are plans to greatly expand my responsibilities, something about which I’m very excited.

These are only highlights of course and as they say, the devil is in the details. In this case, it is more accurate to say that the delight is in the details! I am excited to share them with you soon in Portreaux.

Your daughter Emmeline, Lady and Mademoiselle de Cerisey

Elemix also penned a response.

That is indeed most excellent news grandmother. I am very happy for you and shall be pleased to see you in Portreaux. We are some weeks out, but shall be departing to head your way within a few days time.

I wanted to let you know that the Baron of Uzec has requested I set up a permanent residence here in Uzec. He has also provided me with use of a stone tower that is not far from town. It is a humble place to be sure for one such as you, but it is mine for as long as I wish. I shall need to earn some funds to fix it up, and the Baron has graciously offered to match my spend up to 1000 gp. 

I must say I am excited at the prospect of having my own place and being called on to offer my knowledge and experience as needed. It is an exiting time indeed for both of us.

With that I should also inform you that we are still plagued by tyanite’s who have threatened us yet again, as well as goblins and hobgoblins too. We have held our own against them to date but I intend to hire some good guards when we arrive in Portreaux. Perhaps with your knowledge of the area you could recommend some good candidates?

Again I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Your Grandson,

Magus Elemix Dungaruun.

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