Epilogue: Sessions 12 & 13


  • From Thalassa, the party journeyed by ship to Breven. During the trip they were waylaid by seahags with intent to capture Emmeline at the very least.
  • Surviving this, the party returned to Uzec where they were drawn into combat at Arresey where hobgoblins fleeing their defeat near Faou and foraging for supplies attacked the defenseless village.
  • The party visited the Mother Tree’s Glade where Elemix conversed briefly with Mara, Rivanon heard nothing, and Jocelyn called in a favor.
  • Some days later, following a lead, the party journeyed north of Calder Falls where they took on two goblin prisoners who led them to an abandoned temple of Hate.
  • Here, Typhon Ne learned the nature of his/her path, Emmeline (and her family) were purged of an ancient curse, and Elemix effectively blew the temple up.
  • Sister Typhon Ne and Sister Jocelyn speak to the Bishop and Jocelyn’s mother about courtship and marriage. They are sealed in the Bishop’s presence with a penance to wait to marry formally until Sister Typhon returns.
  • Sister Jocelyn believes she is pregnant.
  • Lady Rivanon d’Uzec departs on a mission of import for her father.


Phillip the Fishmonger: Took the initiative to stock the Cerisey stream. Moved to Cerisey with his wife and family, save his eldest who stayed in Arresey with a new bride from Cerisey.

Sir Henri d’Arresey and Lady Mia d’Arresey: Rulers of Arresey

Sir Roman Lord de Gamaché: Ruler of Gamaché

Lady Lia de Gamaché: Wife of Sir Roman, former paramour of Baron Roland, and newfound ally of Emmeline (and by extension Lady Rivanon)

Lady Amélie (Amee) de Gamaché: 18 year-old daughter of Sir Roman and Lady Lia, formerly was to be married to Sir Michael de Cerisey (deceased). Accepted as a Lady-in-Waiting for Lady Emmeline de Cerisey. Noble, well-read, with a knowledge of sewing, etiquette, local fashion, and some knowledge of household management.

M’selle M’aurelle (Goldie) de Garin: 15 year-old daughter of Emmeline’s uncle Mazarin. Only female blood relative on her father’s side of age to serve as a Lady-in-Waiting. Letter sent out by Emmeline to contact her father about that role. Gentlewoman-farmer, well-read, with a knowledge of farming, boating, sewing and significant knowledge of household management.

Rivere (The Man is the Broad-brimmed Hat): Representative of the (Tyaanite?) group seeking the Aquila.

Jeminey: Young girl with Rivere who resembles a human reincarnation of Thea or at least is either related to her or is aware of what occured.

Narak the Goblin: One of two goblins capture by the Baron’s men and persuaded to lead the party to the temple of Hate. He is the only survivor, as fled into the woods. Seemed to have a respect for Sister Typhon Ne.


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