Well, I’m Fired. Welcome to the Family?

Your Highnesses, the King and Queen of Galadron,

In this letter I speak as your future daughter in law.

My mother, Mistress Remiriel, Regent of House Torduis has declared I will no longer represent House interests in the Kingdom of Galadron, citing a conflict of interest on my part beginning with my marriage and joining your house next month. She has instead named another daughter who is her direct heir, my sister Micareari, to be my successor. Mica has traveled with me as bodyguard and confidant and observed my tactics and methods for the better part of a year now. Although I expect she will do things differently than I, I think you will be satisfied that she will place the priority of the treaty and Trade Agreement between my mother’s and your realm as highly as I did. She is a priestess of the war college, very wise and highly capable. She has been given full control of my former embassy in Galadron.

I look forward very much and with all my heart to wedding your Son, Prince Barrithorn. My own future rests with his. I have chosen to travel with him and serve with him in his duties over the coming years to other knights and new leaders of the Border Kingdoms. I feel this is the best way for me to learn better the traditions of the House of which I will soon be part.

This has drawn attention to the fact that my position as Grand Diplomat and ambassador for the Kingdom of the Greencloaks may come in conflict with my what my position will be as your son’s wife.

I’m ready to accept whatever duty requires, including stepping down in my role in the Kingdom of the Greencloaks, in order to take up any roles required of me as a member of your House. I retain all connections with my homeland of course, and my mother continues to be very pleased with events. For the second time in my life, I’m at a loss as to what I should do. Therefore, I place myself in Prince Barrithorn’s hands and at your service.

Your Highness, I beg forgiveness if I am about to ask something that is already considered, but I would be greatly embarrassed if this was somehow overlooked, and I am still ignorant of many of the traditions of your people. Among my people, a marriage consists of a woman selecting and simply informing her mate of his new status. This is of course not the way things are on the surface realms, and I have already stated I wished to observe all the traditions of Galadron.

Therefore, perhaps you might understand when I say I had not thought of inviting my mother to the wedding. Now I see that is an error on my part. I should have noted this sooner, as I hosted the wedding of the very couple that now leads the Kingdom of the Greencloaks and noted that both sides of the couple’s family were in attendance.

So, I would like to invite my mother. Since she is a foreign head of state, I believe that would require your approval and some arrangements to be made. Please consider extending and invitation to my mother, Mistress Remiriel. I know not if she will attend in person or simply use her proxy in Ambassador Mica to represent her, but I think it’s in accord with tradition by seeing to her invitation.

Mother or Ambassador Mica are the only two members from my side of the family I would care to invite. Frankly, the rest are a pack of backstabbing murderers and I couldn’t care l [the previous inked line was scribbled out but still legible] Whether or not my mother or sister choose to attend, I know they will note and appreciate the gesture.

Raena’malarra Torduis.

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