Wait, You Did What Now?

Your Highness the King of Galadron, Great Lord of the Surface Elves, Architect of the New Alliance of the Border Kingdoms and Future Father-in-Law,

I gives me both great pleasure and a little sadness to present you with this report, being the first of its kind and my final act as Ambassador of House Torduis to the Kingdom of Galadron.

As our new kingdom of the Green Cloaks celebrates its first year since its founding, I take great pleasure in relating the following events of the past seven months.

Finding an ally in distress at Oleg’s Outpost, we responded with all speed. Moving ahead of our own forces, the cleric Meliuewen, the wizard Lars, King Eidelwyn, the cleric Micariari, Prince Barrithorn, and myself found the outpost under siege. In brief, I led negotiations and dismantled hostilities with the aid of keen insight presented by the cleric Meliuewen (now ex-Counsellor). A condition I placed upon the surrender of the hobgoblin the forces were after allowed my party to attend the hobgoblin legal proceedings as neutral observers. I will not bore you with details best related with wine and song. An execution did happen, all parties were satisfied, and we obtained the services of the greatest hobgoblin general my people have seen in a thousand years. General Fangtooth now works for the kingdom of the Greencloaks and the hobgoblin kingdom lies poised to ally with us as well as my homeland against greater threats coming from the north, and of which you have already noted by the attack of possessed Nyss over a year ago in Galadron.

In the time since, General Fangtooth, along with his son (a capable general himself) have developed a training program aimed at strengthening the defenses of the border kingdoms as well as producing more capable warriors. They proposed and our kingdom approved of the assembly of the Grey Cloaks. This detachment is dedicated to defense and is comprised of our finest warriors led by General Fangtooth himself. Our Blackcloak regiment is dedicated to night ops, infiltration, and information gathering. And I’m thrilled to hear they have an opening for me should I wish to assist. The Bluecloaks are mercenary but sponsored by our kingdom and designed to be lent to other border kingdoms in establishing and securing their realms. All three branches ultimately answer to Greencloak commanders and command structure and are accountable.

This month, shortly after celebrations, our Queen Khiara gave birth. Congratulations are given to the father, the King as their family’s dynasty is born!

Under management of the Greencloak Council, the kingdom has doubled in size since the last report and now stretches from the shores of the great lake to our western mountains adjacent the royal allod to the west under Varg. We have absorbed the City of Blades and a town tieflings and are presently integrating them into the realm. We will in the coming months absorb all remaining dwarf, gnome, and human settlements, with whom we have developed positive rapport, as well as forts extending downriver.

The realm is now financially sound. Once integration with newly acquired towns and cities is complete, I will judge the realm Sound and of Firm Foundation.

However, matters still require the kingdom’s attention include a dragon infestation at our current northern border and a curious silence that has fallen over Varn’s realm to the west. And of course we all still must concern ourselves with the longer-term threat of the corrupted dragon’s minions to the far north. We can only hope that some new alliance of northerly realms may aid in reducing the threat to entire region. It is something that has occupied my attention to some extent in these last few months, with new reports of corrupted ogres adding to those of corrupted half-drow known as Nyss.

The Greencloak Council has allowed that I should report changes in it’s composition. Our High Priest has withdrawn after discovery of a possible woodland temple. The Councillor, priestess Meliuewen, has moved into his position and is now considered High Priestess in the Kingdom of the Greencloaks. Sir Robyn, former squire to King Eidelwyn and paladin of his temple, has accepted the position of Councillor and thus been elevated.

Our capital has grown to over 4,250 souls and encompasses a very wide variety of citizens. Integration has gone exceedingly well, likely in no small part due to your giving permission for us to link our teleportation stone to Galadron. Goods and services that encourage economic growth in our new kingdom have been and continue to be a priority, and has resulted in our continued prosperity.

This ends the report on the state of the Kingdom as approved by the Council of Greencloaks to the King of Galadron.

Raena’malarra of House Torduis, former Ambassador of House Torduis, current Grand Diplomat of the Kingdom of the Greencloaks.

(A second letter is attached.)

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