A Letter from Magus Alix

A redcap arrives with a letter for Emmeline.

Emmeline – Witch of Cerisey and the Cairn Lands

M’selle. Magus Elemix has informed me that he is no longer interested in being an intermediary between yourself and I in the matter of your fey patron or yourself. Therefore his interests or keeping him informed as no longer any concern of mine as he is not concerned in informing me or considering my interests. As women of power, we hold a difficult place in this world, especially up here in the North. So, with respect, any further communication will be directly with you. I trust you will find this a beneficial relationship. When you pass through next, we shall discuss the Mother Tree and what your hopes and that of your patron are you its effect on the North and in supporting Uzec’s critical place in the defense of the League.

With respect,

Magistrix Alix – Witch of Derrien

The redcap awaited a response to return to Magus Alix, so Emmeline said she looked forward to discussing all of the Magus’ topics with her soon and in person. The redcap nodded and departed.

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