Faces of Rowyn Port


  • Tanya, avonian owner of the Trout and Stout Inn as well as the Stay and Stable.
  • (two gnome waitresses)
  • Duna, dwarf owner of Traveller’s General Store.
  • Xander Whitmaker, blacksmith.
  • ?? Abbner, avonian owner of Abbner Ranch.
  • ??, Halfmoon Ranch.
  • Kirk, the handyman.
  • Yondah, dwarf refugee.
  • The Tinkers: Trick, goblin (retired) tinker, father. Ekaterina “Trin”, forest elf wife of Trick, mother. Children include Zill (m. goblin, 9 years old), Ylba (f. forest elf, 7), and Xern (m. goblin, 6).


  • Inylene’e, owner of Inylene’s House of Healing
  • Elraien, owner of the Herb Shop
  • Algaliarept, owner of “Al’s” Leather Crafts Shop
  • Ryl’zaer Eils Und, night elf drifter

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