Elemix visits with Emmiline

After getting some fresh air and seeing no one of note was on deck, Elemix decided to head below and see if Emmiline was available to talk. He passed through the poorly lit hold and past row after row of cargo before coming upon the familiar corridor that held the tiny passenger rooms. Upon reaching Emmilines door, Elemix knocked and waited patiently.

For a moment he thought he heard voices. They were both female and one was Emmeline’s, but they were too quiet to make out words. He didn’t have long to wait before the door opened.

“Hi Elemix,” Emmeline said as she swung the door wide. He didn’t see anyone else in the room with her and the cabins were small enough he could be reasonably sure no one was hiding in there.

Outside formal situations, she always used his given name, even though by rights he should probably be referred to as Magus Elemix, or perhaps Magus Dungaroon. That was just her way. She wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. She still seemed surprised when people used a title to refer to her.

“What’s on your mind?” she asked.

If he was bothered by her referring to him by his given name he made no sign of it.
Elemix glanced around again but saw no one.

“Seeing as how we have some time, I thought maybe we could talk for a bit about all that has happened over the past month or so with you and the guild,” he replied. “May I come in?”

She stepped aside. “Of course.” Hesitating, she added, “Shall I leave the door open?”

Her question was a subtle offer of propriety. If the door was open, no one would think anything improper might be happening. If the door was closed, then this being a ship, nearly anyone might notice. However, he knew her well enough to realize Emmeline did not herself care much for propriety or whatever high society might think a young lord or lady should behave. She simply took care to respect the view others held on the matter. Thus her question was an honest offer to respect Elemix’s preferences on propriety rather than any particular care about her own reputation.

Elemix, was uncertain why she would ask something like that when he clearly wanted to speak about the Wizards guild. It probably had something to do with being on a ship, but in reality he didn’t care enough to think more than an instant about it.

“No please close the door as we have Wizards business to discuss,” he stated authoritatively. He hoped that would alleviate any thoughts of impropriety that may or may not exist among others, but again he really didn’t care.

When Emmiline had closed the door Elemix sat down at the small table in the room. It was identical to the one in his room and he surmised in all of the rooms on this ship. It was nice they had a table he thought, as the rooms were so cramped.

“We haven’t had much time to talk and now as we have been graced with a little, I wanted to start by saying thank you sincerely for submitting to the guild. I know you most likely did so on my account and I had hoped that by speaking on your behalf and arranging a deal with Archmagus Revan things would go in your favor. It seems that so far that much has come to fruition and I am glad for it. Many in our guild do not trust any magic that isn’t learned through intense study and research. I never got a negative feeling from you – or from what I have seen from Mara, and that is what I based my opinion on when initially I reserved announcing you and finally when I tried to help you. I hope you understand all that has happened. If not, please speak your questions or concerns.”

Elemix had said much, and he hoped she understood his meaning in doing so. He waited for Emmiline to respond. He was curious what she would say.

“I think that sooner or later I would have needed to make some kind of contact with the Guild in any case,” Emmeline said. “But once I realized you could be in real trouble simply for trusting me, I couldn’t sit back and watch them punish you for it. Besides, it isn’t as if I am or ever was against Wizards Guild and what it stands for. I had to simply trust in my ability to convince them of my honesty. Of course, I was motivated since my life was on the line.” She grinned. “And if I can’t pull through for myself when my own life is on the line, what good could I be?

“In the end, the hard part was not to convince them I didn’t deserve death, but that I could be a useful part of things. Many of them wanted me banished. I would have been sad to never see Thalassa again, but it isn’t death after all. It was Revan that finally decided things, however.

“Revan was the most difficult person to convince and put me through some things to break me down and see what the truth was. Being in that place was very hard. I think I would have lost my mind if…” she shook her head. “Let’s just say I hope never to have to stay another day in a place that looks anything like a dungeon. Revan and I did find common ground, however. It knows my heart and my mind on things that matter, and I was surprised to find they align with Revan’s as well.”

Elemix replied. “I was glad Revan agreed to do as it did, though I am also sorry you had to go through that time with it. At least that is all behind us. Now you need not hide your abilities and we have a chance to go out and do some good for Thalassa. It has even opened the door to your learning ritual spell.

Elemix looked a little pensive then. “I hope this hasn’t driven any kind of wedge between us – especially now that we have learned we are family. I guess that is the main reason I stopped by. I felt bad that you had to go through all of that, and I hope you don’t resent me for it. On the contrary, I hope we are able to go on many adventures together and do great things in the process.”

“Well, the ritual spells thing?” Emmeline said, “That was only part of it. Mara gave me that ability and when I told the wizards I could learn rituals, I didn’t mean wizard rituals. They assumed I just meant wizard spells. The fact is I can learn <em>any</em> ritual magic. Cleric, druid, it doesn’t matter. If it can be ritualized, I can learn it.” She hadn’t pointed that out to anyone because she also knew very well that wizards feared what they could not control and she didn’t want them to fear her ability to access yet more magic that wizards could not.

“Anyway, all is well between us if you can promise just one thing. That is, in the future don’t make decisions like that without asking me first.”

Elemix understood her frustration at the situation. She clearly didn’t understand the full nature of what he had done in requesting Revan speak for her. What Revan required for the task had been up to Revan, but he didn’t want to push things in the wrong direction. What was done was done, and it had worked out for the best.

“I doubt such a thing will come up again,” he assured. “And even if it does, as you are now an apprentice you are part of the guild and by rights can speak for yourself.

As you request, I shall not speak for you again without first discussing it with you, but I hope you know what you are asking in this? There may very well come a time when I do not have the option of speaking with you first before being asked to speak for you. In cases such as those, I will not speak for you and will instead request you be allowed to speak for yourself – if that is what you truly want.”

Emmeline nodded. “Yes, thank you. The only ones who should have the right to speak for me is my legal representative or my adoptive mother. Or should I marry one day, a husband would replace those, as is traditional.

“I may be an apprentice-ranked member for the next year or so, but I also have the title of Witch and that of d’Cerisey. If a title must be used instead of just Emmeline, I’d prefer Mademoiselle Emmeline d’Cerisey. If a guild title must be used, for example should I need to visit a wizard’s guild post in an official capacity, I would prefer Witch Emmeline. I think this is better because it states quite clearly right up front who and what I am and we needn’t waste time misleading people into thinking I’m an actual wizard or training to be one.”

“Of course,” replied Elemix.

He hoped for Emmilines sake she was making the right decision but it was her decision to make and it removed any obligations Elemix had to her in that regard. By respecting her wishes he could not compromise himself in the future on her account and that was fine with him. Regardless, he doubted any of that would come up again. The guild had ruled that she was an apprentice and therefore by all rights a member of the guild.

“I am glad we have put the matter behind us and I am happy for you.”

Elemix looked around. “We should be in port in a few days and then our adventure continues. I am glad we met you and I. I look forward to what awaits us.”

“Whatever challenges are in store, we’ll meet and overcome them together.” She smiled and the flash of light in her eyes echoed her conviction. “Because we’re family.”

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