Letter to Vorn


I wanted to let you know that I am leaving with Apprentice Emmiline and the rest of our adventuring group en route to Uzec, and later on to the East. To an area known as the Demon Horns in search of an ancient portal or doorway that may be guarding a powerful magic. It is an expedition sponsored by the Academy.

If all goes well I should be returning to civilization sometime mid winter.

Magus Bella has the details should you have need to know more.

Oh, and thank you for the fireball! It is perhaps my favorite spell, and as I believe we will be coming up against undead on this journey, I have no doubt we will need it.

Rest assured I’ll not be stupid. I learned from the best after all.

Magus Elemix


Former Apprentice,

Good. Stay alive and I’ll believe you. I’ll be in Derrien in three weeks, around mid-October, and my friend Captain du Triel is hosting. Stop by, with your party, on your way back from Uzec, on simply make an excursion down there.

Never suffer the insults of an enemy, burn them!


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