Letter to Archmagus Revan

Achmagus Revan,

As you may or may not be aware, Apprentice Emmiline and I have embarked on a dangerous journey to the East. To an area known as the Demon Hornes or the Hitari Gates. I know you are quite busy, so I’ll not bother with the details.

I wanted to let you know personally that there is a high likelihood of encountering undead guarding something truly ancient in its power. Something of the nature perhaps similar to the scroll I gave you some weeks back. While of course we don’t know for certain if anything is even there, I would be very surprised if we don’t find something of particular note.

I send this message to you out of respect for your position and particular skill set as I think this may interest you, and also as a meager way at best to thank you for taking on Emmiline as you did.

I want simply to thank you for your efforts to build upon Sidonious’ dream. It is one I share whole-heartedly.

Magus Elemix


Magus Elemix Dungaroon,

Your thanks are not necessary. You and the girl are being tested. The trial never ends when it comes to those outside the way of wizards. I have given trust, but trust must be verifed from time to time. Should the girl stray, it will be your duty to detain her and bring her in to the nearest Guildhall for an inquest. Failure, for either of you, will be most unpleasant.

Archmagus T. Revan, Necromagister Primus
Bearer of the Mask of Vexus, and Sworn Protector of the Vault of Ages

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