Epilogue: Session 11


  • Tiffanie joins the Aarithine Order of the Just, becoming Sister Typhon, Justicar of St. Aria. She is given a week to find a worthy task to take on as her errantry.
  • Emmeline is nearly complete with her training and evaluation with Archmagus Revan. Save for three brief meetings with Elemix, no one knows how she is faring, not how the evaluation will resolve.
  • Elemix studies new spells.
  • After two weeks teaching Tiffanie of the ways of Aarith, Sister Jocelyn leaves for Uzec.
  • An agent of tries to serve a legal notice on Tiffanie from Adela. Tiffanie dodges it, as Elemix takes it. Apparently she is still upset about the deal that led (indirectly) to Mimeux’s near-death.
  • Elemix, Tiffanie and Bella, with help before and after from Brigitte and Baldwin concoct a method to limit the Aquila’s shadow-demon protections using copper plates, light-spells, and the technique of camera-obscura. Later Tiffanie reworked the map at the Great Library with Brigitte’s assistance, revealing details of the location between Hattani Gates, also known as the Demon’s Horns.
  • Elemix and Tiffanie meet with Dr. Bruin and learn more about the Khord and the dragon flute.
  • Elemix looks into hiring a divination wizard to help with the Aquila, but the cost is prohibitive. Later he learns his mother could cast the same spell, but the cost is still expensive in materials alone.
  • Elemix and Tiffanie locate Lady Rhivanon who agrees to train Tiffanie on how to read Thalassan music notation. She further looks into arranging travel back to the Periphery as soon as convenient. In addition, she informs them about Emmeline’s plan for Rhivanon to travel incognito as the bard, River Celeste.


Magus Ewen LeCarré – Professional diviner and magus. Could not cast the spell in question, but recommended his master.

MasterMagus Philippe DuQuerque – Master diviner and Magus. Never met in person.

Banister, D’alors, and Guyaut – Honorable Sergeants of the Just who graduated training with Tiffanie.

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