Epilogue: Sessions 9 and 10


Over the course of a week on Thalassa…

  • Elemix found his pseudo-dragon familiar, Sang.
  • Elemix & Emmeline (with Bella) took on and ended the threat of the Tyaanite assassin (with Sang’s help)
  • Elemix learned that his mother has always had a familiar, the family feline Isabeau.
  • Emmeline & Elemix began connecting with their grandmother, Adela (Adelaide).
  • Emmeline (through Rivanon’s advocacy) has brought to a close her uncle’s pursuit of a marriage claim, leasing him the land, and getting herself adopted by Adela.
  • Tiffanie avoided a trap (presumably by the Tyaanite) due to a mysterious person who may or may not be the stranger (and active historian) Morgan.
  • Mimeux, the ‘present’ for Tiffanie was slain, likely by the Tyaanite. As she was a witness to a crime, and Adela could put up the money, she was – with the party’s help interceding – raised. With the death of the Tyaanite, Mimeux’s testimony was less useful, though it confirmed his involvement. She now is serving the Aarithine Temple (and then, likely serving Adela).
  • Tiffanie learned more about the dragon flute, Khord’s last days, and the location of where to start the hunt.
  • With the help of Elemix’s cousin Brigitte and her husband Baldwin, the party discovered that the Aquila, once mated with the lightning javelin, and attuned, is revealed to be a military magic item. By itself, not terribly useful, but within is a map. Elemix and his cousin continue to work on getting a copy of the map without summoning shadow spirits.
  • Tiffanie was drawn closer into the Temple of Aarith through the kindness of Jocelyn, and a mysterious reverend brother known as Taran. She joins him and his brethren and leave for their island retreat to the west.
  • Elemix used his influence (and a bribe) to buy a favor from Archmagus Revan to take on Emmeline to teach and evaluate her for inclusion into the Guild. What Mara thinks of this is a mystery, but the fey continues to whisper to Emmeline.
  • Emmeline spends a solitary month studying, cleaning, and taking on the tasks that Revan assigns her. Never unmasked, unrobed, or ungloved, the raspy-voiced Revan remains a mystery, though its devotion to the Guild and the the Thalassan mission seems absolute.
  • Once a week, Elemix meets for an hour with Emmeline. “Studying with Archmagus Revan is a great honor,” he reminds her.


Mimeux – Not actually met when she was alive. She is a courtesan that was supposed to be a gift for Tiffanie in exchange for her modeling.

Khaia – A courtesan who Adela hired to teach Emmeline.

Aran – Adele’s factor and personal assistant.

Ana – Bella’s housekeeper and the governess of of Roux and Pris.

Brother Taran of the Just – Preceptor of the Most Holy Order of Saint Aria the Just who recruited Tiffanie to the Justicars.



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