Aspects for Heroes of Rowyn Port

Ryl’zaer Eils Und
Exiled Night Elf Prince
Troublesome Allure – Trouble
Tough Yet Tender
Easily Underestimated
Liked by Everyone

Stranded Half Demon Raider
Former Slaver – Trouble
Speaks His Mind
Fight Dirty To Get What I Want
Always Have Your Back

Inylene’e Nightborn
Fay Priestess of Vanima
My True Name – Trouble
Natural Born Healer
Object of Covetous Desire
Inylene’s House of Healing
Ring of the Dark Heart – Extras

Elraien Willowpool
Seasoned forest Elf Battle Mage
Incomplete Soul – Trouble
I Always Bounce Back
Wow, I’m Hot
Never Leave a Friend Behind

Yondah of Rowyn Port
Mooidjeen Dark Walker with Many Secrets
Escaped Slave of Ragonia – Trouble
Look Past The Surface
Quick Hands/ Hidden Heart
A Friend is a Diamond in Your Pocket.

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