Epilogue: Session 8


With the party back together several events lie hanging in the balance.

  • What answers with Elemix’s cousins discover with the party when they merge the aquila with an actual Eterian dragon standard?
  • Where is the Tyannite Assassin and what will happen when his bluff is called?
  • Will Jocelyn be exonerated?
  • Will Adela be the hope Emmeline seeks?
  • Will Emmeline’s uncle accept Rivanon’s offer?
  • Will Dr. Bruin and Peren Dungaroon find the truth in the flute of Khord and therefore give direction to Tiffanie?
  • Will Emmeline be accepted by the Wizard’s Guild?
  • What will Mara think?
  • Will joining the Mercenary Brotherhood be a boon or danger for Tiffanie?
  • Will Elemix’s pseudodragon actually be able to fly all the way to Thalassa?


Paren Dungaroon – Father of Elemix, Paren is an Academic at the Great Library with a specialty in ancient languages. While able to somewhat translate the runes on the Flute of Khord, he recommended that a message be sent to Dr. Bruin for his opinion as well as looking into it himself with the aid of one of his colleagues. He is fairly thin and average looking, but with a certain academic charm of his own.

Bella Dungaroon – Mother of Elemix, Bella is seems is also Emmeline’s aunt via her mother Adelaide Lacaste, now known as the Contessa Adela de Portreaux, dowager stepmother of the current count. While welcoming to Emmeline and willing to share information about Adela, she has made her feelings clear on her opinion of ‘that woman’. Bella is a candidate for Master in the Wizard’s Guild. Exceptionally beautiful, poised, precise and detail-oriented, Bella looks much like Emmeline’s visions of her own mother.

Brigitte & Baldwin Rouann – Elemix’s Cousin and her husband. Adventurers (bard and fighter), who collect and study military antiquities for the Great Library. They had insights on the Aquila and are finding a genuine setting for it.

Contessa Adela de Portreaux – (also known as Adelaide Lacaste and a half-dozen other names) dowager stepmother of the current count of Portreaux, patron of the arts, former adventurer, and notorious libertine. She is a very popular personage in the Thalassan social scene among the new rich and merchant princes, touching upon even the military elite of the city. Influential in her own way, Adela has taken to Emmeline and Elemix as her long lost grandchildren, even going so far to offer to adopt Emmeline as per her former lover Emmeric’s wishes. Tiffanie she simply sees as divine.

Monsignor Guglielmo de Cherville – Aarithine High Priest and Inquisitor looking into Typhon Né’s curse. Very accepting of Typhon Né and spent a week looking for possible solutions to his curse.

Dinner Guests – Colonel Aramis d’Armond, Serisa Delatrére (Elemix’s ‘friend’), Tierza d’Este (classmate and distant cousin to Rivanon), Ana Le Claer (assistant to Adela), Roulf de Grun (assistant to Adela), Ruel Rechaeux (sculptor infatuated with Tiffanie). Many others.

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